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Oscar Mulero

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Oscar Mulero

The mid-eighties, Madrid. The Spanish capital is teeming under the grip of a musical explosion the likes of which has never been seen before. In the midst of that rabid swirl, a teenager, unknown and unassuming, enters a record shop to blow his savings on an album, Standing on a Beach, by The Cure. Little did he know that this was to be his first step on the long and difficult path to becoming one of the country’s essential djs. He soon became a familiar face in the dj booths of the most exclusive underground clubs of Madrid

Artist Tags For Oscar Mulero

1) Techno 2) Minimal Techno 3) Hard Techno 4) Electronic 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Oscar Mulero

1) Like A Wolf 2) B2 From Cr007 3) The Cycle 4) Taken to the Wrong Way 5) Hungry 6) In A Silent Way 7) Friday Thirteen 8) Intentionally False 9) Instant Widespread of the Dirt 10) Disinformation 11) Spatial Sequence Synesthesia 12) Tidal Acceleration 13) The Dirt 14) Introducing Errors 15) To Convince for the Untruth 16) Dualistic Concept 17) Mind-Body Interaction 18) 46 (Antaganists Mix) 19) Inaccurated Information 20) Involuntary Response 21) Anatomical Variation 22) Black Propaganda 23) Mentally Induced Action 24) Same Shoes Different Streets 25) Interrelated 26) False Statement 27) Mindful Body 28) Mechanical Function 29) Road to Pleasure 30) 201 Element 31) Stimulated Reflex 32) Muscle and Mind 33) still the one i was 34) Mental Causation 35) Letters From Madrid 36) False Statements 37) Repeater 38) Unconscious 39) Dreams of Happiness 40) Cova Rosa 41) The Darker Days 42) Grey Fades to Green 43) Rotula - Truncate Remix 44) After All 45) 46 (Re-Work) 46) Under The Steet Lights 47) Texture - Shlømo Remix 48) Last Regrets 49) Horses 50) Doiras

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