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Paul Geremia

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Paul Geremia

For almost forty years, Paul Geremia has survived solely by the fruit of his musical labours. Having abandoned all other means of support in 1966, he has been travelling far and wide ever since, performing in every capacity from street singing to club and concert bookings, throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. In the years since, Geremia has built a reputation as a first rate bluesman, songwriter, a "scholar" of early jazz and blues, and one of the best country blues fingerpickers ever with his tools - six and twelve-string guitars

Artist Tags For Paul Geremia

1) Blues 2) Folk 3) All 4) Folk Blues 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Paul Geremia

1) Devil Got My Woman 2) Tootie Blues 3) When Your Way Gets Dark (feat. Paul Geremia) 4) Meet Me in the Bottom 5) Rising River Blues 6) New Bully of the Town 7) Cocaine Princess 8) Pony Blues 9) Wonderful Affliction 10) Mosquito Moan 11) Silver City Bound 12) Slow Mama Slow 13) When Your Way Gets Dark 14) Where Did I Lose Your Love 15) Love My Stuff 16) Slidell Blues 17) Another Friend Like Me 18) Special Agent Blues 19) Lock and Key Blues 20) This Morning She Was Gone 21) Evil World Blues 22) I'll Be Goin' 23) Don't Forget it 24) Kick It In The Country 25) Something's Gotta Be Arranged 26) I Feel So Good 27) The Things That Used to Matter 28) Bad Dream Blues 29) Shuckin' Sugar Blues 30) Stomp Down Rider 31) Morning Song 32) Frankie 33) Keep a Love Light 34) Get Right Church 35) Scrapper Scraps 36) See See Rider 37) Dr. Jazz 38) Statesboro Blues 39) Kickin' the Country 40) Skin Game Blues 41) She Moves It Just Right 42) Loners' Blues 43) Fool's Paradise 44) Stocking Feet Blues 45) Jones, Oh Jones 46) Gamblin' Woman Blues 47) I Be Troubled 48) Broke Down Engine 49) Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away 50) Stray Dog Shuffle

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Paul Geremia

1) Self Portrait In Blues 2) Love, Murder & Mosquitos 3) Hard Life Rockin' Chair 4) Gamblin' Woman Blues 5) Live from Uncle Sam's Backyard 6) Screamin' and Hollerin' The Blues 7) Just Enough 8) Devil's Music 9) Love My Stuff 10) Love, Murder and Mosquitos 11) Friends Of Fahey Tribute 12) (null) 13) Live at Caffe Lena: Music from America's Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013 14) The Devil's Music 15) Blues - Live From Mountain Stage 16) Love, Murder, & Mosquitos 17) Blues Live From Mountain Stage 18) House On Fire - Red House Records 10th Anniversary Collection 19) I Really Don't Mind Livin' / My Kinda Place 20) House On Fire: An Urban Folk Collection 21) Preachin' The Blues: The Music Of Mississippi Fred McDowell 22) Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 6) The Blues 23) Preachin' The Blues 24) Na luzie 25) I Really Don't Mind Livin'/My Kinda Place 26) Blues - 27) Love, Murder & Mosquitoes 28) Preachin' The Blues-The Music Of Mississippi Fred Mcdowell 29) NOW This Is What We Call Blues, Vol. 420 30) My Kinda Place/I Really Don't Mind Livin' 31) Blues Crossroads: Acoustic Blues, Old & New 32) Country Blues Guitar 33) Love, Murder, and Mosquitos 34) Preachin' The Blues - The Music Of Mississippi Fred Mcdowell 35) Dealin' With The Devil - Songs Of Robert Johnson 36) Country Blues Guitar Greats 37) Live at Caffe Lena [Disc 2] 38) Self Portrait In Blues (Paul Geremia) 39) House on Fire 40) I Really Don't Mind Livin' 41) Love, Murder Mosquitos 42) Guitar Artistry of Paul Geremia 43) Vance Blues 2 44) Love Murder and Mosquitos 45) Love Murder & Mosquitos 46) Devil`s Music 47) I Really Don`t Mind Livin` 48) Qwerty 49) 50) Gamblin´Woman Blues

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