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Penelope Scott

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Penelope Scott

Penelope Scott, also known as Honey Morello, is a 21-year-old American singer-songwriter. She has self-produced and self-released all of her music. Scott started making songs while taking a music production class in college. She first gained popularity when the song “Sweet Hibiscus Tea,” from her debut album Junkyard 2 (2020) went viral in May 2020. In late 2020, Her music found a larger audience on the short-form video-sharing app TikTok. Scott is best known for "Rät", a song about disappointment with idols, specifically Elon Musk.

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Female Vocalist


Bedroom Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Penelope Scott

1) Rät 2) Feel Better 3) Lotta True Crime 4) Cigarette Ahegao 5) Sweet Hibiscus Tea 6) Self Care 7) American Healthcare (Glitzy) 8) Born2Run 9) Dead Girls 10) Moonsickness 11) Mommy Fwiend 12) Dumpster 13) Lavender 14) 7 O'Clock 15) Lukewarm 16) Montreal 17) Baxter 3rd Is Under Fucking Siege 18) American Healthcare 19) You Should Know 20) Hammerhead 21) Warm Regards 22) Soap 23) Bad Advice 24) Phones 25) Concord 26) Draugen 27) Rät [Explicit] 28) Baxter 3rd Is Under F*****g Siege 29) American Healthcare [glitzy] 30) Elektrik 31) 7:00pm 32) rat 33) Cigarette Ahegao [Explicit] 34) Hello 35) Halloween in July 36) Feel Better [Explicit] 37) Born2Run (guitar) 38) Sweet Hibiscus Tea: Crunchy Version 39) Shitty song to listen to after a shooting 40) Drizzle (The Categorical Imperative) 41) untitled_(Lukewarm Herbal Mango Sweet Hibiscus Tea) 42) Lotta True Crime [Explicit] 43) Baxter 3rd is Under Fucking Siege (soft) 44) Lukewarm (acoustic) 45) Born2Run (Glitzy, w/ Secret Ending) 46) Sweet Hibiscus Tea [Explicit] 47) ‎Rät 48) American Healthcare (Glitzy) [Explicit] 49) Warm Regards: fixed up a bit 50) Animus

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