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Pop Will Eat Itself

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Pop Will Eat Itself

Pop Will Eat Itself (also known as PWEI or the Poppies) was a band formed in Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK with band members from Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country. An early version of the band formed in 1981 under the name From Eden; members included Clint Mansell, Adam Mole, Chris Fradgley, Malcolm Treece and Miles Hunt . Graham Crabb was recruited (Graham being the only respondant to replace the 'piss poor' Miles Hunt on drums). After From Eden splintered into two bands (Treece and Hunt went on to form The Wonder Stuff) Mansell

Artist Tags For Pop Will Eat Itself

1) Industrial 2) Alternative 3) Electronic 4) Grebo 5) Indie

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Pop Will Eat Itself

1) Can U Dig It? 2) Ich Bin Ein Auslander 3) Def Con One 4) Preaching To The Perverted 5) Everything's Cool 6) Wise Up! Sucker 7) Inject Me 8) Kick To Kill 9) Wise Up Sucker 10) R.S.V.P. 11) Underbelly 12) Poison To The Mind 13) Get The Girl! Kill The Baddies! 14) Fatman 15) Familus Horribilus 16) PWEI Is A Four Letter Word 17) Cape Connection 18) There Is No Love Between Us Anymore 19) Not Now James, We're Busy 20) Home 21) Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me, Kill Me 22) Karmadrome 23) Babylon 24) Beaver Patrol 25) The Fuses Have Been Lit 26) Menofearthereaper 27) Bulletproof 28) Sixteen Different Flavours Of Hell 29) Dance Of The Mad Bastards 30) Satellite Ecstatica 31) England's Finest 32) Radio P.W.E.I. 33) Axe Of Men 34) Wake Up! Time to Die... 35) Harry Dean Stanton 36) Like an Angel 37) Def. Con. One 38) Grebo Guru 39) X Y & Zee 40) Wake Up, Time To Die 41) Inside You 42) Love Missile F1-11 43) Psychosexual 44) Sick Little Girl 45) PWEIzation 46) Let's Get Ugly 47) 88 Seconds... & Still Counting 48) X, Y & Zee 49) Mother 50) Very Metal Noise Pollution

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Pop Will Eat Itself

1) Dos Dedos Mis Amigos 2) This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is This! 3) Cure For Sanity 4) PWEI Product 86-94 5) Wise Up Suckers 6) 16 Different Flavours Of Hell 7) The Best Of 8) The Looks Or The Lifestyle 9) This Is The Day... 10) Box Frenzy 11) Now for a Feast 12) Two Fingers My Friends! 13) New Noise Designed By A Sadist 14) The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure For Sanity 15) Box Frenzy (25th Anniversary Expanded Edition) 16) Music for the Jilted Generation 17) This Is The Day... This Is The Hour... This Is This! 18) (null) 19) The Looks Or The Lifestyle? 20) Two Fingers My Friends! (Disc 2) 21) The Looks Or The Lifestyle/New Midprice Version 22) Now for a Feast! (25th Anniversary Expanded Edition) 23) PWEI Product 1986-1994 24) Product - 1986-1994 25) Rough Trade Shops - Indiepop 1 26) Random 27) C86 - Compact Digital Edition 28) At Weirds Bar and Grill 29) Weird's Bar And Grill/Live 30) Feasting Frenzy 31) Amalgamation 32) Instant Live: 2005-01-23: Birmingham Academy, Birmingham, UK (disc 1) 33) Industrial Machine Musick 34) This Is the Day, This Is the Hour, This Is This! 35) Now For a Feast! 36) The Subway Organization: 1986-1989 37) One Too Twee: An Indiepop Retrospective 38) Two Fingers My Friends 39) There Is No Love Between Us Anymore 40) Dance of the Mad 41) Pure... Alternative 80s 42) Box Frenzy (reissue) 43) Axe of Men 2010 44) The Best Of Funky Alternatives 45) This Is The Day… This Is The Hour… This Is This! 46) Ich Bin Ein Auslander 47) Two Fingers My Friends! (bonus disc) 48) PWEI Product 1986-1994 (disc 2) 49) A Lick Of The Old Cassette Box 50) The Best of Pop Will Eat Itself

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