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Precious Child

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Precious Child

Visceral and surreal, Precious Child’s prolific body of work exists at the convergence of body horror, conceptual art and experimental noise pop. Via music and visual media, the Los Angeles-based artist culls sonic inspiration from glossy mainstream pop, cacophonous industrial and undulating metal to create audiovisual work that confronts transformations in identity, perception and the nature of existence. "a fascinating (NSFW) exploration of body dysphoria and the abstraction of gender identity in Precious' vivid visual style".

Artist Tags For Precious Child

1) Industrial Rock 2) Darkwave 3) Precious 4) Trapped 5) Whole

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Precious Child

1) My Little Problem (Violet Door) 2) Phantom 3) Entity 4) The Past (Be Me Again) 5) No Such Thing as Time 6) The Past (Instrumental) 7) Beat It Back 8) Just Another Day 9) Come Back 10) To Need a Filthy Biped 11) Hollow 12) I've Been Here All Along 13) The Way 14) Whole 15) There Yuu Are 16) Tuuch Me 17) Just Just Just Just 18) Here 19) The End (Again) 20) Hallow 21) To Need 22) Stiff As A Board 23) My Little Problem 24) Light as a Feather 25) I Fall 26) Take off Your Skin 27) Past The Sky 28) Excoriation 29) Let's Pretend 30) Storytime 31) Our Secret 32) Divine 33) Don't Wake Up 34) Oh Beauty 35) There Alone 36) Magic is Real 37) Fiery Road 38) Always Leave 39) The Past 40) One More Generation 41) Exorciation 42) My Little Problem (NSFW) 43) Coming Down 44) Fear in the Rain 45) Cheap Toy II - Cheap Toy 46) Pry Yourself 47) Cheap Toy III -My Oldest Friend 48) Cheap Toy I - Below Wind 49) Private Water 50) Shake Hard (Feat. 최혜린)

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