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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Propagandhi

Propagandhi is a punk band formed in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada in 1986 by Chris Hannah and Jord Samolesky. While their earlier work draws from the punk and skate punk tradition, recent Propagandhi records have moved towards a heavier, hardcore thrash-influenced sound. The band members are known for championing various political causes. They have taken an active stance against human rights violations, racism, homophobia, imperialism, fascism, capitalism and organized religion.

Artist Tags For Propagandhi

1) Punk 2) Punk Rock 3) Hardcore Punk 4) Political 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Propagandhi

1) Anti-Manifesto 2) Ska Sucks 3) Back To The Motor League 4) Fuck the Border 5) Middle Finger Response 6) Less Talk, More Rock 7) A Speculative Fiction 8) Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An 9) Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette 10) Dear Coach's Corner 11) This Might Be Satire 12) Natural Disasters 13) Fuck Machine 14) Fixed Frequencies 15) Anchorless 16) Die Jugend Marschiert 17) Night Letters 18) Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes 19) Supporting Caste 20) Purina Hall Of Fame 21) Tertium Non Datur 22) Fedallah's Hearse 23) Bringer Of Greater Things 24) March Of The Crabs 25) Rock For Sustainable Capitalism 26) This Is Your Life 27) Bullshit Politicians 28) Rio De San Atlanta, Manitoba 29) Cut Into The Earth 30) Potemkin City Limits 31) Gifts 32) Refusing To Be A Man 33) I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist 34) Name And Address Withheld 35) New Homes For Idle Hands 36) Note To Self 37) Albright Monument, Baghdad 38) Life At Disconnect 39) Without Love 40) Resisting Tyrannical Government 41) A People's History Of The World 42) Failed States 43) Ladies' Nite In Loserville 44) Impending Halfhead 45) The Funeral Procession 46) The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist 47) Superbowl Patriot XXXVI 48) I Want U 2 Want Me 49) The State-Lottery 50) Head? Chest? or Foot?

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Propagandhi

1) How to Clean Everything 2) Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes 3) Less Talk, More Rock 4) Potemkin City Limits 5) Supporting Caste 6) Victory Lap (Deluxe Edition) 7) Where Quantity Is Job #1 8) Failed States [Deluxe Edition] 9) Where Quantity Is Job No.1 10) I Am a Rifle 11) Failed States 12) How to Clean Everything (20th Anniversary Reissue) 13) Failed States (Deluxe Edition) 14) I'd Rather Be Flag Burning 15) How To Clean Everything (Reissue) 16) Victory Lap 17) Today's Empires, Tomorow's Ashes 18) Live From Occupied Territory 19) Where Quality Is Job #1 20) (null) 21) The Recovered EP 22) Failed Imagineer 23) Fat Music For Fat People 24) How To Clean A Couple O' Things 25) Live in Berkeley '95 26) Rikk Agnew's Smash Demos, Vol. II 27) Physical Fatness 28) Better Read Than Dead 29) Letter of Resignation 30) Fat Music, Volume V: Live Fat, Die Young 31) Free John Hinckley 32) Failed States [Deluxe] 33) Wrecktrospective 34) Survival Of The Fattest 35) i'd rather be flag-burning 36) Fat Music, Vol. 5: Live Fat Die Young 37) Live Fat, Die Young 38) Play at Your Own Risk, Volume 2 39) Fat Wreck Chords Presents: Survival of the Fattest 40) Split 41) Where Quantity Is Job #1 [1998] 42) The Recovered 43) Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes 44) Take Penacilin Now 45) Kitestringing: The Prison Literature Project 46) Duplicate Keys Icaro 47) Where Quantity Is Job #1 [2005] 48) 1994 - How to Clean Everything 49) Today's Empires, Tommorrow's Ashes 50) Curse of the MTV Punks

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