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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For R.I.O

There is more than one artist using the name R.I.O 1) R.I.O is a duo that lives and works in Buenos Aires , Argentina. Their music is in the line between free improvisation, electronic, noise, free jazz and ambient. Their members are Sergio Merce (Tenor sax, WX7, Electronics) and Lucas Totino Tedesco (Lap steel guitar, electronics) both from Buenos Aires. 2) An electronic house project by Manuel Reuter and Yann Peifer, also known as the producing team from Cascada.

Artist Tags For R.I.O

1) Electronic 2) Argentina 3) Free Jazz 4) Ambient 5) Improvisation

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For R.I.O

1) Shine On 2) Shine On (Radio Mix) 3) De Janeiro 4) Shine On (Original Mix) 5) After the Love (Dave Kurtis Radio Edit) 6) After The Love (Ph Elektro Radio Mix) 7) Shine On (Spencer & Hill Remix) 8) When The Sun Comes Down 9) Like I Love You (Video Edit) 10) Miss Sunshine 11) Like I Love You 12) After The Love 13) Party Shaker - Video Edit 14) Shine On - Radio Mix 15) Party Shaker feat. Nicco - Video Edit 16) Shine On (Mondo Remix) 17) Shine On (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit) 18) Serenade (Radio Edit) 19) Serenade 20) Turn This Club Around feat. U-Jean - Censored Radio Edit 21) Hot Girl 22) After The Love (Andy & Fret Remix) 23) After The Love (Dan Winter Radio Edit) 24) Party Shaker 25) When The Sun Comes Down - Radio Mix 26) After The Love (Radio Edit) 27) Turn This Club Around - Video Edit 28) Megamix 29) One Heart 30) Animal - Video Edit 31) Komodo (Hard Nights) - Radio Edit 32) When The Sun Comes Down (Radio Mix) 33) Living in Stereo - Video Edit 34) Hot Girl - Video Edit 35) Headlong 36) Turn This Club Around - Censored Radio Edit 37) Serenade (DJ THT Radio Edit) 38) Shine On (Spencer And Hill Remix) 39) Miss Sunshine - Radio Edit 40) Animal - Radio Edit 41) Shine On - Spencer & Hill Radio Edit 42) De Janeiro (Radio Mix) 43) Turn This Club Around 44) Shine One Me 45) R.I.O. (S&H Project Remix Edit) 46) after the love - radio edit 47) The Sign 48) When The Sun Comes Down (Maddin Radio Edit) 49) When The Sun Comes Down (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit) 50) After The Love (Original Mix)

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