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Rameses B

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rameses B

Rameses B (Rameses Booth) is a producer & musical artist from the UK who specializes in Drum & Bass and other forms of Electronic music. With a BTEC in Music technology & a degree in creative music & sound technology Rameses has a vast experience with audio & it's applications including sound for the moving image (film, games and TV). He is also a self-taught pianist and has been a music artist and producer since 2003, giving much time to experiment with various styles of music ranging from electronic

Artist Tags For Rameses B

1) Drum And Bass 2) Dubstep 3) Chillout 4) Chillstep 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rameses B

1) Moonlight 2) I Need You - Original Mix 3) New Horizons (VIP) 4) Game Of Thrones 5) Meaning of Life 6) Visionary 7) Drift Away 8) Flåklypa 9) We Love 10) Timeless (feat. Veela) 11) Night Sky 12) Safe Haven 13) Pure 14) Full Force 15) Letting Go (feat. Amelia Rose) 16) Earth Calls 17) Memoirs 18) Spirit Walk 19) I Need You 20) Pegasus - Original Mix 21) Transformations (feat. Laura Brehm) 22) Never Forget 23) Goddess 24) Moving On 25) Bits & Bytes - Original Mix 26) Inspire 27) Dream Catcher (feat. Charlotte Haining) 28) Mountains (feat. Veela) 29) Through the Mist 30) Years From Now 31) Underwater (feat. Meron Ryan) 32) Bring Me to Life (Original Mix) 33) North 34) Soul Essence 35) Left Behind 36) Memoirs - Feint Remix 37) The Beginning 38) I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining) [CMA Remix] 39) Ecosystem 40) Waiting For The Rush 41) The Next Chapter Awaits 42) Memoirs (Feint Remix) 43) Lone Wanderer 44) Pulsefire Ezreal 45) Beyond - Original Mix 46) I Need You (T-Mass Remix) 47) Open Your Eyes 48) Play to Win (feat. Holly Drummond) 49) Skyrim In The Knee 50) Faster Than Light (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

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