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Red Pyramid

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Red Pyramid

If you were looking for the experimental rock solo project The Red Pyramid by Fábio Guedes, it is now known as Nine Squares. Red Pyramid (or sometimes written as "RedPyramid") - an American band from Austin, Texas Joseph Kosier keyboards, lead vocals, samples, vocals Will Jaeger drums Jack Fletcher guitar, vocals Kacey Cornell keyboards Matt Rendar guitar (Former Members - Stephen Marshall on guitar, vocals) 2003 - Still EP 2004 - The Air Between Us Turns to Ashes

Artist Tags For Red Pyramid

1) Industrial Rock 2) Alternative Metal 3) Electronic 4) Industrial 5) Alt. Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Red Pyramid

1) Knot and Circle Mask 2) In the Name 3) Paramour 4) Utopia 5) Last Walk Through the Snow 6) Appletree 7) Echo In the Well 8) Twenty:Thirteen 9) Thick as Thieves 10) Peaceable Kingdom 11) Hospital 12) Rings On Her Fingers 13) Therapy 14) Monster 15) I Told Myself Not to Fall, But I'm as Buried as Anyone Can Be 16) Promise (Reprise) (Akira Yamaoka Cover) 17) Twenty Thirteen 18) Therapy (Instrumental) 19) Theme of Laura (Demo) 20) Tweenty:Thirteen 21) Twenty-Thirteen 22) Sparrow 23) flutter 24) Love Psalm 25) Cell 26) Between the Lines that Separate the Living from the Dead (Aut Neca Aut Necare) 27) Perdido (Edit) 28) Moonlight 29) Perdido 30) Ancient Hangment Ritual 31) Broken 32) Kurushinde (Demo) 33) Broken [sample] 34) No Lie 35) Love of Hope (Instrumental) 36) Worth Killing For... (V2) 37) What Did You See 38) Peace is Still Left to Find 39) Burial of Souls [sample] 40) Surgery (Demo) 41) Murte (Demo) 42) No Lie [sample] 43) Worth Killing For... 44) Five Out, One Left (Demo Instrumental) 45) Take My Life Away [sample] 46) Ancient Hangment Ritual (Instrumental Demo) 47) Requiem for the Angels of Death (Instrumental) 48) Thanatos of Mortality 49) Peace is Still Left to Find [sample] 50) New Song

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