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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rezonate

There are 2 artists with this name: 1. An Electronic producer from Toronto, currently signed to Monstercat. 2. An a cappella group from Oregon. 1. Nick ‘Rezonate’ Rennie began producing music in late 2010, after finding his true passion in EDM. With under a year of experience, an early break came when he won Monstercat’s VIP contest which resulted in his first release “Pump It”. He followed this up with the release of his songs Lights, Revolt, The Phoenix, Ash, Lonely, and more on subsequent Monstercat albums.

Artist Tags For Rezonate

1) Dubstep 2) Electronic 3) Rock 4) Jazz 5) Pop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rezonate

1) Lonely (feat. Bijou) 2) Canvas 3) Ash 4) The Phoenix 5) Pump It! 6) Revolt (feat. Amelia Rose) 7) Rebirth (feat. Ashley Apollodor) 8) Shake It Off (feat. Jeff Sontag) 9) Lights (feat. KayoszX) 10) X-Ray (feat. Jhyve) 11) Elemental 12) The Only Road (feat. Danyka Nadeau) 13) Sojourne 14) Highlight 15) What We Want (feat. Aloma Steele) 16) Just For You - Original Mix 17) The Journey 18) Prelude (feat. Austin Rafuse) 19) Outro (feat. Austin Rafuse) 20) Recovery 21) I Just Want to Celebrate 22) One Day 23) Ash (Original Mix) 24) Ghost Train 25) The Masses - Original Mix 26) Afterlife - Original Mix 27) The Book of Love 28) Iris 29) Lonely (feat. Bijou) (Original Mix) 30) Stargazer 31) Pt. 2 32) Elemental - Radio Edit 33) Canvas (Original Mix) 34) In My Arms 35) SnapBack - Original Mix 36) Outro (Performed by Austin Rafuse) 37) Toadstools 38) Prelude (Performed by Austin Rafuse) 39) Elemental (Original Mix) 40) Toadstools (Chris Pop Remix) 41) Lonely (ft. Bijou) 42) Lights 43) Just For You (Original Mix) 44) Rezonate-Pump It 45) The Journey (Original Mix) 46) Revolt 47) Pump It (Original Mix) 48) Lonely 49) Rebirth (ft. Ashley Apollodor) 50) Lonely feat. Bijou

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