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Rhythm of Mankind & Nature

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rhythm of Mankind & Nature

The musical project «Rhythm of Mankind & Nature» was founded in 2000. Its purpose was creating the mood music able to heighten the listener’s perception of the surrounding World. Composed as based on electronic sounding, the music is harmoniously supplemented by live instruments and vocal, creating both melancholic, warm, gentle pieces causing delight, the feeling of flight, cosiness and comfort and depressive melodies able to remind one of complicated life problems.

Artist Tags For Rhythm of Mankind & Nature

1) Ambient 2) New Age 3) Chillout 4) Electronic 5) Electronica

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rhythm of Mankind & Nature

1) Siren 2) Flame is dancing in your eyes 3) The voice from the ocean 4) Sunset touch 5) In Pacific Ocean 6) In the light of consciousness 7) Feel water's pulse 8) My Inside Life 9) Story of the sage Oak 10) Blind perception 11) It's time to stop and look around 12) I Disappeared in the Sky 13) Heart of the Forest 14) Thrilling aroma 15) Star Pilgrim 16) The Ocean is like a mirror, We are reflection 17) Breath underwater 18) Flying in the deep blue 19) Between Space and Time 20) Dolphin 21) Play With Water 22) Disappear in the depth 23) One Day of the World 24) I am completely absorbed 25) Moon Dance 26) Relaxed Mood 27) Magic 28) French girl 29) Stay With Me 30) Last heart beat 31) Deep dream 32) Freedom of mind 33) Meeting with Ansoee 34) Nature Life 35) Ten atm 36) Whisper of leaves 37) The Mystery of Harmony 38) Tell me why 39) Meditation D.D 40) Thousands miles between. 41) Gliding in the Darkness Beams (Original) 42) The mind of ocean 43) Flying in the Deep Blue (Original) 44) Asian Dream Garden 45) Thousands Miles Between… 46) She is light, She is inspiration 47) Disappear in the Depth (Original) 48) Breath Underwater (Original) 49) In the Depth 50) Flight in moon light

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