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Richard in Your Mind

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Richard in Your Mind

Richard In Your Mind’s catalogue boasts 5 releases through Rice Is Nice, each and everyone cherished and adored. Their latest album Ponderosa is the band’s most melodic, dynamic and fun release yet. Created over the last 2 years the album is a meticulously crafted, joyous, and bizarre collection of songs showcasing a plethora of strengths from this unique band. Sitars, synthesizers, vocal harmonies, groovy beats and an array of found sounds combine to create a kaleidoscopic pop dream of an album.

Artist Tags For Richard in Your Mind

1) Seen Live 2) Psychedelic 3) Indie 4) Rock 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Richard in Your Mind

1) Shooting Star 2) Hammered 3) Four Leaf Clover Salad 4) Love Grows 5) Look You Gave 6) Ponderosa 7) What It's All About 8) This Is House Music 9) Byrdman 10) Crew Of The Neptune 11) My Volcano 12) Good Morning 13) Boat is Rocking 14) Skull Sized Kingdom 15) Leaf 16) All I Can Do 17) I Hope You Weren't Waiting Long 18) The New Sun 19) Josephine Dream 20) Green Lava 21) I Will 22) Super Love Brain 23) 13 Stingrays 24) Tourmaline 25) She took the sun away 26) Arctic Boogie 27) Sunwater 28) Playdoh 29) The Green Sun 30) For When The Gizmo's On The Fritz 31) Losing Our Mind 32) Birds 33) Little Know Someone 34) Tromboon 35) Ecstatic Electricity 36) Maybe when the sun comes down 37) Make It Chill 38) Tiny Colossus Face 39) This Face 40) Mongrowlia 41) Lightning Eyes 42) The Sun Broke Into Your Heart 43) Candelabra 44) Ooteh Bowa 45) The Valley 46) Vision 47) Dark Energy 48) Creation 49) Skeleton 50) Valley of Ravers

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