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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rocco

Rocco (born as Sven Gruhnwald ) is a German producer who also produces under the alias Sven-R-G. ROCCO aka SVEN-R-G started his career as resident-dj ten years ago at the largest club in the north of germany ;the "ziegelei"located just a few miles away from the gates of hamburg. When he started his own productions his first projects were released by labels like edm and kontor but his career as producer really started off when he teamed up with partner

Artist Tags For Rocco

1) Trance 2) Dance 3) Techno 4) Electronic 5) House

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rocco

1) Everybody 2) One, Two, Three 3) Generation Of Love 4) Drop The Bass 5) Street Knowledge 6) Fucking Beautiful 7) Dancecore 8) My Wall 9) Go Ahead 10) Drop The Bass (Aquagen Remix) 11) Everybody 9.0 12) Counting The Days 13) Roots 4 Acid 14) One Two Three 15) I Don't Know 16) Intro 17) Back In Town 18) Drop the Bass (In Da Mix) 19) Everybody 9.0 (Dancecore Edit) 20) Breath of Life 21) Fire 22) Fucking Beautiful (Dancecore Mix) 23) Bass Is Kickin' 24) I Don't Know (Tune Up! remix) 25) Everybody (Single Edit) 26) Let It Go 27) Everybody (Club Mix) 28) Fuckin Beautiful 29) I Don't Know (Tune Up! Edit) 30) Street Knowledge (Megara Remix) 31) Generation of Love (Club Mix) 32) Everybody (Riphouse Mix) 33) Drop The Bass (Short Version) 34) Everybody 9.0 - Elektrofachgeschäft Edit 35) Generation of Love (single version) 36) Street Knowledge (Club Mix) 37) Drop The Bass (Single Edit) 38) Thursday night, friday morning 39) Everytime (Cc.K meets Rocco Remix) 40) Street Knowledge (Megara Vs. Dj Lee Remix) 41) Everybody - Single Edit 42) Counting the Days (single mix) 43) I Dont Know 44) I Don't Know (club mix) 45) Fucking beautiful (dancecore edit) 46) Skit: Der Psychopath 47) Counting the Days (HDM remix) 48) Street Knowledge (Short Mix) 49) Street Knowledge (Original Mix) 50) One Two Three (DJ Cameleon Remix 2007)

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