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Roger Bunn

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Roger Bunn

Vocalist, composer, master guitarist, double and electric bass player, and long standing human rights activist Roger Bunn, worked with dance orchestras, blues bands and jazz groups, including the original Blue Notes from South Africa and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble. 'Piece of Mind' was recorded with the Dutch National Orchestra. Jammed with Hendrix and Traffic, and was Roxy Music's first guitarist. Later he was a political activist, especially in South Africa. Died 2005.

Artist Tags For Roger Bunn

1) Jazz 2) Fusion 3) Psychedelic 4) Psychedelic Rock 5) Psychedelic Pop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Roger Bunn

1) Road To The Sun 2) Fantasy In Fiction 3) Crystal Tunnel 4) Jac Mool 5) Suffering Wheel 6) Three White Horses 7) Humble Chortle 8) Jason's Ennui 9) 110° East + 107° North 10) Old Maid Prudence 11) Powis Square Child 12) Tatatonia 13) Guido the Magician 14) Life Is a Circus 15) A Weekend in Mandraxia 16) Falling Ships 17) In the Future 18) You and I 19) In Love with You Babe 20) Up for Grabs 21) 3 White Horses 22) Lin-Da's Jukebox 23) Cattatonia 24) Gido The Magican 25) Power Square Child 26) Old Made Prudence 27) Life is A Circus / Bonus Track 28) Lin-da's Jukebox / Bonus Track 29) A Weekend in Mandraxia / Bonus Track 30) In The Future / Bonus Track 31) Falling Ships / Bonus Track 32) In Love With You Babe / Bonus Track 33) You And I / Bonus Track 34) Up For Grabs / Bonus Track 35) Gido The Magician 36) A Weekend In Mandraxia (bonus) 37) In Love With You Babe (bonus) 38) Life Is A Circus (bonus) 39) Lin-da/s Jukebox 40) Falling Ships (bonus) 41) Up For Grabs (bonus) 42) Jason 43) You And I (bonus) 44) In The Future (bonus) 45) Lin-da's Jukebox (bonus) 46) The Saigon Operation 47) Piece Of Mind 48) 110 Degrees East + 107 Degrees North 49) A Weekend in Mandraxia (Bonus Track) 50) Life is A Circus [Bonus]

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