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Role Model

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Role Model

Johan Kotlinski aka Role Model, the spider in the web of the Scandinavian chip music scene, was born 1979 in Sweden on an island in the Baltic Sea. His first introduction to computers was when his dad brought home a Commodore 64 in the mid eighties. As many others, he developed a deep interest in music during the teenage years. He learned to play the piano and also started using an Amiga to compose own tracks, which at the time (about 1992) was state of the art technology for hobbyists.

Artist Tags For Role Model

1) 8-Bit 2) Chiptune 3) Electronic 4) 8bit 5) Bitpop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Role Model

1) Showroom Dummies 2) not a fan 3) girl in new york 4) minimal 5) play the part 6) pop5 7) hello! 8) six speed 9) stolen car 10) i don’t rly like u 11) that's just how it goes 12) new balance 13) i don't rly like u 14) Puerto Rican (feat. Patches) 15) the climb 16) say it first 17) boy afraid 18) Granu Girlz 19) we, the soccer team 20) never give up 21) IMG3BD5 22) Wilma Rudolphs 23) notice me (feat. BENEE) 24) super model 25) gucci chair 26) thank you for coming 27) kinetiskt porslin 28) Everyone Loses Everything 29) kaffaf4 el bretagne 30) the party and i 31) snare rush disco 32) 727 state 33) hello 34) design by contract 35) billy j 36) sol bakom lidingö 37) set-reset-start 38) ray's wonder 39) ostgut 6am 40) skier sur mille plateaux 41) c64forever4helvete 42) Funky Number (no say go!) 43) ashtrace 44) fur dem womb 45) en tyst minut 46) Pop5 (Johan Kotlinski) 47) big trick pony 48) Remains Today 49) Pan arabian knights 50) Pop 5

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