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Roxie Randle

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Roxie Randle

Roxie Randle has ample foundation to build from as a songwriter, recording artist and live performer. From whimsical to intense, tender and heartfelt to seductive and emotional, Roxie's music has a broad appeal that would be at home on various radio formats, including Triple-A, Adult Contemporary and Americana. She's carving her own path to success, constantly evolving and anxiously exploring new ground in her music. Who knows what's next...

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Roxie Randle

1) I Wish It Would Rain 2) The Perfect Pair Of Shoes 3) Nowhere 4) Let's Talk About Love 5) Sensible Shoes 6) I'm Just A Woman 7) If I Was Really Over You 8) Something Real 9) Perfect Pair Of Shoes 10) You Don't Know a Thing About Love 11) October Rain 12) You Were Wrong 13) Goin' Nowhere 14) Everything I'm Not 15) Where Did I Go Right 16) I Can't Stay Here 17) If You Could Only See 18) Good Day 19) Out On A Limb 20) As Far As I Can Go 21) Welcome To My World 22) Learning to Fly 23) The Speed Of My Heart 24) Where Does The Love Go 25) Todo Mi Amor 26) I'm Not Gonna Let You 27) 03 - October Rain 28) United (Mastered - Main) 29) Rainbow Connection 30) Missing You 31) I'm Not Gonna Let You - Single 32) United 33) 01 - You Don't Know A Thing About Love 34) Everything I'm Not (Roxie's Vocal) 35) Jolene 36) No One to Anybody (Mastered - Main) 37) I'm Not Gonna Let You FINAL 38) Living On A Prayer 39) 02 - Goin' Nowhere 40) I'm Stronger Than I Look (2011) 41) 05 - You Were Wrong 42) 04 - Learning To Fly 43) No One to Anybody

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