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Rudi Zygadlo

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rudi Zygadlo

Rudi Mikhail Zygadlo, named after two Russians dancers: Rudolph Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov, yet another of the Scottish-bred beat contingent, who have spent the last year and change convincing the seven Americans paying attention that Glasgow is far more than the sum of Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, and cheap stereotypes involving Groundskeeper Willie and his retirement grease. Like Mike Slott, Hudson Mohawke, and Rustie, Zygadlo operates at the hazy intersection of hip-hop and dubstep

Artist Tags For Rudi Zygadlo

1) Dubstep 2) Glitch 3) Experimental 4) Electronic 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rudi Zygadlo

1) Resealable Friendship (Starkey Remix) 2) Melpomene 3) The Deaf School 4) Lily 5) Catharine 6) Manuscripts Don't Burn 7) Resealable Friendship 8) Sympathies Scrapbook 9) Filthy Logic 10) Something About Faith 11) A Room To Sing 12) Layman's Requiem 13) Russian Dolls 14) Perfect Lust 15) Song Of Praise 16) Magic In The Afternoon 17) Variously Made Men 18) Kopernikuss 19) Stop/Reject 20) Opiate Of The Mass 21) The Man In The Duck 22) Missa Per Brevis 23) The Domino Quivers 24) An Introduction 25) Tragicomedy 26) Persephone 27) Hooray For Captain Balding 28) Black Rhino 29) Waltz For Daphnis 30) On 31) Slow Carz 32) Achtung (Go Easy, Come Easy) 33) The Udu And The Clave 34) Arrows 35) Resealable Friendship (Slugabed's Special Friend's Deepest Holes Remix) 36) filthy logic (raffertie remix) 37) The Udu And The Clave (Doshy Remix) 38) Lily - Extended Version 39) Melpomene (µ-Ziq Remix) 40) Perdu 41) Kiss the Braille Mirror 42) Dissident Song - Original 43) Filth, Hounds of Hades 44) Filthy Logic part II 45) Black Bile 46) Dissident Song 47) Electronic Explorations 48) Filthy Logic Part I 49) Melpomene (Planet Mu - 2012) 50) my profile photo alt

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