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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For SE SO NEON

Se So Neon (새소년) is an indie rock trio formed in 2016 from Seoul, South Korea. The members are Hwang So-Yoon (So!YoON!) on guitar/vocals, Hyunjin on bass and U-su on drums. "Se So Neon" usually means "New Youngsters" in Korean. It was the name of children’s magazine published from 1960s to 1980s. The band borrowed its name from the magazine, found in an independent bookstore. Mainly based on psychedelic rock, they smartly mingle the shining elements of rock history and deliver them with crisp energy.

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Indie Pop

Indie Rock


Dream Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For SE SO NEON

1) NAN CHUN 난춘 2) Midnight Train 심야행 3) A Long Dream 긴 꿈 4) The Wave 파도 5) Go Back 집에 6) Winter 눈 7) Jayu 자유 8) Dong 덩 9) Ung 엉 10) New Youth 새소년 11) Stranger 이방인 12) I'm Watching a Loneliness Just Arisen 나는 새롭게 떠오른 외로움을 봐요 13) E 이 14) joke! 15) Summer Plumage 여름깃 16) Gurumi 구르미 17) A Long Dream 18) Cat Digging Club Seoul Version 19) The Wave 20) Jayu 21) Cat - Digging Club Seoul Version 22) Black Sun 23) NAN CHUN 24) Black Sun Instrumental 25) New Youth 26) I'm Watching a Loneliness Just Arisen 27) Cat(Digging Club Seoul Ver.) 28) Cat Digging Club Seoul Instrumental Version 29) Go Back 30) Summer Plumage 31) Midnight Train 32) Gurumi 33) Cat - Digging Club Seoul Version - Instrumental 34) Winter 35) 검은 해 36) Ung 엉 (5월의 Hidden Track) 37) 긴 꿈 A Long Dream 38) Stranger 39) Dong 40) Ung 41) E 42) Cat(Digging Club Seoul Ver.)(Inst.) 43) 파도 The Wave 44) 나는 새롭게 떠오른 외로움을 봐요 I'm Watching a Loneliness Just Arisen 45) Winter (눈) 46) Cat (Digging Club Seoul Version) 47) Midnight Train (심야행) 48) go back (집에) 49) 새소년 New Youth 50) 파도 The Wave

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