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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Saffire

See also: See Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women That is the top result and has the additional advantage of not using a hyphen in the name (which can cause confusion with filenames converting back to tags. Suggest you vote for that version of the punctuation and change your tags to agree. Saffire, The Australian Guitar Quartet might be a good choice for those listeners. As both are mashed together on this page

Artist Tags For Saffire

1) Blues 2) Hard Rock 3) Acoustic Blues 4) Piano Blues 5) Classic Blues

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Saffire

1) Casters of the First Stone 2) Heartless 3) The Betrayer's Fate 4) The Great Escape 5) Magnolia 6) Freedom Call 7) Kingdom of The Blind 8) For the Greater Good 9) What If 10) A Symphony Unheard 11) End Of The World 12) Dandelion's Shame 13) This Is Not the End 14) Paralyzed 15) Shadowland 16) Modus Vivendi 17) Say Goodbye 18) Wake Up The World 19) She Remains a Mystery 20) The Redemption 21) Blame It on the Rain 22) As Promises Burn 23) Ghost Town 24) Stormy Waters 25) Bitch With A Bad Attitude 26) Silent Thunder In My Heart 27) I Want My Money Back 28) Hungry Woman's Blues 29) Middle Aged Blues Boogie 30) Disperse 31) Annie's Blues 32) Wild Women Don't Have the Blues 33) School Teacher's Blues 34) Even Yuppies Get The Blues 35) Hard for Me to Sing the Blues 36) Take It On Back 37) Drown In My Own Tears 38) Fess up when you mess up 39) I Almost Lost My Mind 40) Three Time Loser 41) The Uppity Blues Women / Going Down To The River 42) Ain't Nobody's Business 43) My Kingdom Come 44) Don't Treat Your Man Like A Dog 45) Sloppy Drunk 46) The Uppity Blues Women Going Down To The River 47) Rumba Nostalgica 48) American Wake 49) (No Need) Pissin' On A Skunk 50) Riverdance

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