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Saint Abdullah

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Saint Abdullah

Saint Abdullah is a project by two Iranian brothers based in Brooklyn and Tehran, who create sounds largely inspired by the religious, political, and cultural history of Iran. With The Sounds of Evil, Saint Abdullah passionately and unapologetically revisit the roots of their childhood in war-torn post-Islamic revolution Iran. These are family stories—of martyrdom, of loss, and of the tragedies of war, pieced together through aggressive sound collage, cultural sample archeology, and rhythmic structure.

Artist Tags For Saint Abdullah

1) Noise 2) Ambient 3) Experimental 4) Field Recordings 5) Iran

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Saint Abdullah

1) Children At War 2) Taxi Ride Through Tehran 3) I'm Sad, I'm Frightened, I'm Angry 4) Friday Nights (Secret Song) 5) hy.poc.risy 6) Unforgotten Promises 7) Madar komakam kon 8) Vivid Persian Dreams 9) The battle for Karbala 10) Bedroom Windows 11) Landscapes of A Blind Man 12) The Howls of Wadi-al-Salaam 13) Martyrdub 14) Internal affairs 15) The crown on our heads 16) Sounds from the Hosseinieh 17) Void of Veil And Curtain 18) Reza's final battle 19) Karevaneh Karbala 20) The Birds Discuss The Journey 21) What A Tale This Is 22) Brown Eyed Peoples of Rafsanjan 23) Mechanical Flirtations 24) Brown Eyed Peoples of Rafsanjan (Digital Bonus) 25) Mossadegh's revenge for 52 26) Zeynab 27) Let me sing 28) The Birds Discuss The Journey (ft. John Butcher) 29) What A Tale This Is (ft. Travis Laplante) 30) Mechanical Flirtations (ft. Sahba Sizdahki) 31) The Birds Discuss the Journey (feat. John Butcher) 32) ZYNAB 33) Mechanical Flirtations (feat. Sahba Sizdahkhani) 34) What a Tale This Is (feat. Travis Laplante) 35) Children At War EDIT 36) Dissident Diaspora 37) The Birds Discuss The Journey feat. John Butcher 38) Mechanical Flirtations feat. Sahba Sizdahkhani 39) What A Tale This Is feat. Travis LaPlante 40) A walk through revolution 41) Friday Nights 42) A Political Distraction 43) Mechanical Flirtations (ft. Sahba Sizdahkhani) 44) 1. SoundsOfEvil-Vol1-MASTERS-BFKarbala_2 45) 4. SoundsOfEvil-Vol1-MASTERS-MartyrDub_1 46) 2. SoundsOfEvil-Vol1-MASTERS-SoundsftHosseinieh_1 47) 3. SoundsOfEvil-Vol1-MASTERS-CROWN_1 48) 5. SoundsOfEvil-Vol1-MASTERS-VPDreams_2 49) Vivid Persian Dreams (OUT June, 15!) 50) Let me sing [Boomarm Nation 2018 Family Album]

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