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Sak Noel

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sak Noel

Sak Noel made his first steps in the Music world when he was a teenager, influenced by the electronic sounds in the beginning of 21st century. After playing in different clubs he founded his own company,, with his best friend. Through this company he carried out different musical productions for artists, clubs and also his own songs, but these ones as a member of Mak&Sak feat. Xana. With this group he went around the country offering live sessions in the well known Moguda.

Artist Tags For Sak Noel

1) Dance 2) House 3) Electro 4) Electronic 5) Latin

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sak Noel

1) Loca People 2) Loca People (What the F**k!") - Radio Edit 3) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Clean Edit) 4) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Radio Edit) 5) Paso (The Nini Anthem) - Radio Edit 6) Loca People - Radio Edit 7) Trumpets - Radio Mix 8) Paso (The Nini Anthem) 9) Loca People (What The F**k!) (Explicit) 10) No Boyfriend - Radio Vocal Mix 11) Where? (I Lost My Underwear) 12) Loca People (Radio Edit) 13) Loca People (Original Mix) 14) Loca People - Original Mix 15) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Rico Bernasconi Remix Edit) 16) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Max Farenthide Remix Edit) 17) Loca People (what the fuck) 18) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Clean Extended) 19) Loca People (What the F**k!) 20) Trumpets (feat. Sean Paul) 21) Loca People - UK Radio Edit 22) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Rico Bernasconi Remix) 23) Loca People (What the F**k!") (Max Farenthide Remix) 24) Loca People - (What the f*ck) 25) Loca People (La gente esta muy loca) 26) OMG 27) Paso 28) Loca People (What The Fuck) (Original Mix) 29) Trumpets 30) Loca People (What The F**k!) - Radio Edit 31) Loca People (Explicit Edit) 32) Loca People (UK Radio Edit) 33) Loca People (What the F**k!") 34) Paso (The Nini Anthem) (Radio Edit) 35) Loca People (What the f*ck) 36) Este Es Mi Club (Esta Es Mi Fiesta Club Mix) [feat. Xana] - Esta Es Mi Fiesta Club Mix 37) Paso - Radio Edit 38) Demasiado Loca 39) Party On My Level - Radio Edit 40) No Boyfriend 41) Loca People (What The F*ck) - New Radio Edit 42) Where 43) I Am the Law - Radio Edit 44) Paso (The Nini Anthem) (Extended Edit) 45) Loca People (What the F**k!) [Radio Edit] 46) Loca People (La Gente Está Muy Loca) 47) Young & Reckless - Radio Edit 48) Trumpets - Extended Mix 49) Paso (The Nini Anthem) [Radio Edit] 50) Pinga - Radio Mix

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