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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Saltillo

Saltillo is Menton J. Matthews III (born January 3, 1976), also a member of Sunday Munich. The album Ganglion (2006) was his debut under the name of Saltillo. Matthews is a multi-instrumentalist, playing cello, viola, violin, guitar, drums, piano, and bass, as well as a slew of electronics. He has spent the last few years refining his song-writing abilities by scoring film soundtracks and doing production work at the mixing desk. Facebook page:

Artist Tags For Saltillo

1) Trip-Hop 2) Downtempo 3) Electronic 4) Experimental 5) Idm

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Saltillo

1) A Necessary End 2) A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist 3) Giving In 4) The Opening 5) Grafting 6) Blood and Milk 7) A Simple Test 8) 002 F#m 9) Praise 10) Backyard Pond 11) Remember Me? 12) I'm on the Wrong Side 13) Remember Me 14) They All Do It the Same 15) Proxy 16) The Locus Priory 17) The Right of Action 18) If Wishes Were Catholics 19) ABEO 20) I Hate You 21) Hollow 22) Gatekeepers 23) Forced Vision 24) Veil 25) To Kill a King 26) Denim 27) Following Evelyn 28) Flood 29) The Us We Do Not See 30) necromancy 31) A Necessary End ft. Sarah Matthews 32) Giving In ft. Sarah Matthews 33) A Simple Test ft. Michael Holcomb 34) Grafting ft. Paul Mercer 35) I'm On The Wrong Side ft. Sarah Matthews 36) If Wishes Were Catholics - remix 37) The Right of Action - remix 38) If Wishes Were Catholics (Remix) 39) The Frame (Trailer 1) 40) 01 A Necessary End ft. Sarah Matthews 41) The Right of Action (Remix) 42) 02 Giving In ft. Sarah Matthews 43) 04 A Simple Test ft. Michael Holcomb 44) 09 Grafting ft. Paul Mercer 45) 2-11 Saltillo - A Necessary End 46) 11 I'm On The Wrong Side ft. Sarah Matthews 47) F#m 48) A Necessary End (Feat. Sarah Matthews) 49) Ganglion 50) A Simple Test (Feat. Michael Holcomb)

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