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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Savage

There are at least six artists with the name Savage: 1) Savage is a rapper based in virginia, usa. 2) SAVAGE is an artistic pseudonym of Roberto Zanetti (born in 1956) - the composer, vocalist, producer and also businessman all in one person. His debut on the artistic scene took place in the end of '70s. when he was part of the group called Santarosa (one of the most famous track by this group was "Souvenir"). From the early '80s he decided to pursue his solo career.

Artist Tags For Savage

1) 80s 2) Italo Disco 3) Disco 4) Heavy Metal 5) NWOBHM

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Savage

1) Swing 2) Only You 3) Don't Cry Tonight 4) Goodbye 5) Radio 6) A Love Again 7) I'm Loosing You 8) let me see your hips swing 9) Tonight 10) Fugitive 11) Let It Loose 12) I Just Died in Your Arms 13) Time 14) Moonshine 15) Don't Cry Tonight - Original Version 16) Love Is Death 17) Turn Around 18) So Close 19) Celebrate 20) Dirty Money 21) Freaks 22) Dont cry tonight 23) Ten Years Ago 24) Don't Leave Me 25) Cry Wolf 26) Berlin 27) Ain't No Fit Place 28) Swing - Remix - Explicit 29) On the Rocks 30) Don't You Want Me 31) Still I'm Loving You 32) The China Run 33) Computerized Love 34) White Hot 35) I'm Losing You 36) A Love Again (remix) 37) Jane 38) Something More Than This 39) Shorty Make It Work 40) A Yo 41) Eyes on the Moon 42) A Love Again (Special Remix) 43) Savage feat Akon - Let me see your hips swing 44) Swing (remix) 45) Strangelove 46) Soldier 47) Not Many 48) Celebrate - Extended Version 49) Swing (feat Soulja Boy Tell'em) 50) Don't Cry Tonight (Original Version)

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