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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sayama

Sayama is a Japanese term that literally means "sitting on a mountain,” and this perfectly expresses the intent of Sayama’s music – to instill serenity and peace in the listener. Born in 1964, Chinese year of the Dragon, Sayama had his musical beginnings as a child with the guitar and piano but as his cultural horizons broadened, he grew well-versed in acoustic instruments from all over the world, especially those from the Asian cultures. In his music you may find Tibetan and Japanese temple bowls

Artist Tags For Sayama

1) New Age 2) Relax 3) Chillout 4) Instrumental 5) Folk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sayama

1) Drifting through Time and Space 2) A Touch Remembered 3) Expanding The Horizon 4) Stream of Stillness 5) Gently Awakening 6) A Tradition of Harmony 7) Bowls and Gongs Invoke the Sacred 8) Calling the Mind to Stillness 9) Seamless Movement 10) The Circle Begins Where the Circle Ends 11) Caressed by A Gentle Breeze 12) As in Three, So in One 13) Joy of the Water Spirits 14) Centre of the Universe 15) Becoming Quiet 16) Quiet Mind (Reprise of Calling the Mind to Stillness) 17) Far from Worry 18) Aquae Sulis 19) Through the Mist, the Sage 20) Oneness 21) Light of Dawning 22) Om 23) External Mandala 24) Bindu 25) Contemplating Prasada 26) Gu-Cheng 27) Herz-Chakra 28) Greeting Ananda 29) Holding A Peaceful Repose 30) Karuna 31) Seamless Movement [Harmony, 2008] 32) Milz-Chakra 33) Wurzel-Chakra 34) Thymus-Chakra 35) Drittes Auge 36) Kosmischer Durchgang 37) (Kyorei) - Morgenstimmung 38) Sakral-Chakra Yin 39) Solarplexus-Chakra 40) Sakral-Chakra Yang 41) Quiet Mind (Reprise) 42) Transmutations-Chakra 43) Morgenstimmung 44) Sayama - Zebra Elbow 45) Sonne 46) Kehl-Chakra 47) Kronen-Chakra 48) Transformations-Chakra 49) Mond & Sonne 50) Erdentag, Sonne, Herzton

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