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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Scale

1. SOUTH ALBURY HARDCORE Band Members: BRAM: Vox. Scale, Orleans Destroyers DAN: Lead. Scale, Ledd Asprin, Suicidal Poets LANCE: Bass. Steel Affliction, Uncut White Noise, Abramelin RICK: Drums. Isolar Sounds Like A rabie infested Rottweiler falling on your head from a great height... 2. Scale is a drum & bass producer from Germany. Influenced by stuff from the late 90's inspired by the likes of Photek, Teebee, Ed Rush & Optical or Dom & Roland he produces dark techstep and drumfunk.

Artist Tags For Scale

1) Drum And Bass 2) Metal 3) Hip-Hop 4) Heavy 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Scale

1) Galean Bells 2) Fight (Rob Mayth Remix) 3) Rise Of The Machines 4) Fight (Rob Mayth Radio Edit) 5) Fight 6) Fight (Tune Up! Remix) 7) Keep Rockin' 8) Fight (Tune Up! Radio Edit) 9) Fight - Rob Mayth Remix 10) Fight (DJ Technix 2006 Remix) 11) Fight (Club Mix) 12) Fight (Radio Mix) 13) Fight (Tune Up Radio Edit) 14) An Innocent Melody - Original Mix 15) Fight (Tune Up Radio Edit) 16) Greatness 17) Raga 18) Main advice 19) Feel White 20) Fight (Banana Short Cut) 21) Come Over 22) Glass Eye 23) Footfunk 24) Fight - Rob Mayth Radio Edit 25) trailblazer 26) Hey You (Hahaha) 27) Ode To Joy 28) FIGHT(TUNE UP!REMIX) 29) Hot Plow 30) Fight (Beatboostie Remix) 31) Univerze 32) Gyroscope (feat. Acid Lab) 33) Fight (Cs Remix) 34) Starbugs 35) Copper 36) Drummin Till Dawn 37) Drummin Till Dawn (Original Mix) 38) An Innocent Melody (Original Mix) 39) Melody 40) Get Down 41) FIGHT[TUNE UP! REMIX] 42) Livin' the Spleen 43) Fight (Banana Short Cut) 44) From The Seashore 45) Live In Cloud 46) Sinek 47) Ladybird 48) Newsletter (Original Mix) 49) Ancient Culture (Original Mix) 50) Let The Good Times Roll (Original Mix)

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