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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Serge

Serge Sharrinovsky: is a Perth based multimedia Artist and Producer. He has developed his musical craft & style through midi and audio based computer engineering during his earlier years as a song writer. Since then Serge he has written, composed and produced a variety of pop rock songs and videos, which clearly exemplifies his preference for combining melodic vocals with electronic elements of house and rock music. Serge also draws much of his influenced sounds from other popular rock artists such as New Order, INXS Madonna and U2.

Artist Tags For Serge

1) Seen Live 2) Trance 3) Metal 4) Electronic 5) Funk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Serge

1) Shake the Ground 2) BIS #524 Part 1 with Serge 3) Kriippaa 4) Swish 5) Old and New 6) Murder 7) Pump-O-Matic 8) That's Life 9) All I Want 10) Clutch (Bonus Track) [feat. Izzy] 11) The Introduction 12) Still Here 13) BeatsInSpace-06.08.10 Part1 with Serge 14) Hero 15) The Godfather 16) House Countdown - EPS Deng't Mix 17) Moria 18) Mosterd, Pikkels, Peper, Zout 19) Where Are You Now 20) Just so You Know 21) Instagram 22) Farmers from hell 23) Bearing The Name Ft. Oscar Urbina 24) Blood In My Eyes 25) Que Mike Spirit Live (Arma17 Afterparty) 26) Black Shades 27) Space Jam 28) Zone 29) Clan 30) Bearing the Name (feat. Oscar Urbina) 31) Inner Mayhem 32) House Countdown - Eighty Nine Mix 33) Maximum 34) Wavy Love 35) (Bonus Track) King Kong Ft. Social Club & Izzy 36) Beauty Queen Ft. Braille 37) Melody 38) Nelson 39) Beauty Queen Interlude by Los 40) Sway Ft. Woody & Json 41) King Kong F (feat. Social Club & Izzy) 42) Bore Out 43) Train Back 44) Del-8 me 45) Tom 46) Past the Clouds (feat. Michele Checa & Oscar Urbina) 47) Lamppost 48) Addicted 49) All Night (feat. Mau Nu'u) 50) where are you now?

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