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Seven Lions

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Seven Lions

Seven Lions is quickly taking the dance world hostage with his deep, soulful, hybridized creations - at times elegant, at others pulverizing - all distinctly his own. Seven Lions' Polarize EP, one of the most promising releases of the last year in the EDM world, just dropped in April of 2012 and has already garnered praise for its melding of main room bombast with a very sensitive, human touch. For Seven Lions (né Jeff Montalvo) ‘fast’ is an understatement for how his work has spread virally amongst fans of trance

Artist Tags For Seven Lions

1) Dubstep 2) Electronic 3) Trance 4) Electro House 5) Drum And Bass

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Seven Lions

1) Days to Come 2) Strangers 3) Don’t Leave 4) Leaving Earth 5) Fractals 6) Worlds Apart 7) The Truth 8) Below Us - Smooth Remix 9) Keep It Close (feat. Kerli) 10) The Fall 11) Tyven 12) She Was 13) Cold Skin 14) Polarized 15) Rush Over Me (feat. HALIENE) 16) Higher Love 17) Below Us 18) Falling Away 19) Lose Myself 20) Freesol 21) Rush Over Me 22) Nepenthe 23) Falling Away - Festival Mix (Radio Edit) 24) Freesol (feat. Skyler Stonestreet) 25) Silent Skies 26) Summer Of The Occult 27) Coming Home 28) Where I Won't Be Found 29) Cold Hearted 30) Ocean 31) Days To Come (feat. Fiora) 32) Slow Dive 33) Horizon 34) A Way To Say Goodbye 35) Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli) 36) December 37) Below Us (feat. Shaz Sparks) 38) The Journey 39) Falling Away - Festival Mix 40) Creation 41) Serpent of Old (feat. Ciscandra Nostalgia) 42) Steps of Deep Slumber 43) First Time 44) Calling You Home 45) Lucy 46) Intro 47) She Was (feat. Birds of Paradise) 48) Island (feat. Nevve) 49) Isis 50) Cusp - Original Mix

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