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Sex on Toast

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sex on Toast

"Sex On Toast are probably the greatest band on earth. They are nine men, and between them they possess all the raw sexual power of Prince, the musical prowess of James Brown and the cheesy goodness of an ‘80s game show host. Sex On Toast bring the ruckus. " -, Inpress Magazine. Kate Kingsmill, writer for The Age. A nine man explosion of 1980's pop music, yacht-rock, Rn'B, and synth-funk, Sex On Toast showcase undeniable musical finesse whilst never taking themselves too seriously.

Artist Tags For Sex on Toast

1) Soul 2) 80s 3) Experimental 4) Jazz Fusion 5) R&b

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sex on Toast

1) Oh, Loretta! 2) Hold My Love 3) Takin' Over 4) Hold My Love, Pt. 2 5) 4 U 6) Give It to Me 7) Takin' Over - Ricky Version 8) Oh, Loretta!' - Radio Edit 9) Lettin' Go 10) Potential Sexy - Ricky Version 11) Doubt 12) How Do You Get There 13) Surf Cop (Live) 14) Potential Sexy 15) Product You've Designed 16) Escape 17) Party 18) Try It Out 19) Something Special 20) Oh Loretta! 21) I Need A Lady For Some Lovin' (Live) 22) Think I'm In Love 23) I Just Wanna Get to Know Ya (Live) 24) Try It Out - Tonay Version 25) Disgruntled Housewife (Live) 26) Cous-Cous (Live) 27) Earloaf (Live) 28) Drive 'Til Dawn (Live) 29) Oh Loretta 30) BDSM 31) A Product You Designed 32) Product You Designed 33) How Do You Get There? 34) Somethin' Special 35) Saviour (Father's Son) 36) Fucking You (Live At Northcote Social Club) 37) Takin' Over (Ricky Version) 38) Potential Sexy (Ricky Version) 39) Surf Cop 40) Earloaf 41) I Need A Lady For Some Lovin' 42) Oh, Loretta!' (Radio Edit) 43) Oh, Loretta! (Radio Edit) 44) Let's Talk About Lasagne 45) Oh, Loretta! (Original Mix) 46) Hold My Love (Part 2) 47) Disgruntled Housewife 48) I Just Wanna Get To Know Ya 49) Cous-Cous 50) Engage in Coitus

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