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Silent Circle

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Silent Circle

Silent Circle is a 1980s Euro disco band from Germany, known for its hits "Touch In the Night", "Stop the Rain" and "Moonlight Affair". Since the early 1980s, they have been frequent visitors to charts in Germany as well as other European countries. Silent Circle has always worked with Bernd Dietrich, an acclaimed German producer and publisher who has brought the band media attention and helped to propel them and their music to success. Around the

Artist Tags For Silent Circle

1) 80s 2) Disco 3) Italo Disco 4) Dance 5) Eurodisco

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Silent Circle

1) Touch In the Night 2) Stop The Rain 3) Hide Away 4) Stop the Rain in the Night 5) Touch in the Night - Radio Version 6) Moonlight Affair 7) Forget the Stranger 8) Anywhere Tonight 9) Shy Girl 10) Time for Love 11) Love Is Just a Word 12) Give Me Time 13) Megahit Mix (Special Version) 14) What a shame 15) Dreams 16) Megahit Mix 17) 2 Night 18) Night Train 19) Megamix 20) I Am Your Believer 21) Every Move, Every Touch 22) For You 23) Touch in the Night - Original Version 24) Danger Danger 25) Sib Dab Dua 26) What A Shame (Masterbeat Mix) 27) Like An Ocean 28) Egyptian Eyes 29) Hide Away - Man Is Comin'! 30) Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight 31) Touch in the Night 3000 32) Touch In The Night (Crash Version) 33) Touch In The Night (Original Radio Version) 34) Touch In The Night - Single Version 35) Sib Dub Dua 36) Stop the rain in the night - Original Version 37) Moonlight affair - Original Version 38) Take a Chance 39) 2night 40) Every Move Every Touch 41) Megahit Mix - Special Version 42) Tell Me Why 43) Oh, don't lose your heart tonight - Maxi Version 44) Touch In The Night (Radio Version) 45) Touch In The Night (Original Version) 46) One More Night 47) Stop the Rain in the Night (No Rain mix) 48) One More Night (Extended Mix) 49) Time For Love (Super Action Mix) 50) Danger Danger (Racing Mix)

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