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Sina Vodjani

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sina Vodjani

Vodjani was born in Persia in 1954 and nowadays works from his OM Studio in Hamburg, Germany. He has travelled many countries and is fascinated by Oriental music and culture. His first major album Karmapa was released in 1996 under the name Sijano Vodjani and was co-produced by Oliver Shanti and published by Sattva Records. It is a beautiful recording that features samples of prayers spoken by the 16th Karmapa who had died in 1981. If you enjoyed any of Shanti's albums, especially his Tai Chi series, you should enjoy Vodjani's debut.

Artist Tags For Sina Vodjani

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) World Music 4) World 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sina Vodjani

1) Straight to the Heart 2) Vision of Mahakala 3) Om Mani Padme Hung 4) Rain of Blessing 5) Dorje Chang 6) Incarnation 7) Golden Child 8) Wisdom of Love 9) Milarepa 10) Karmapa Jenno II 11) Sacred Buddha 12) Emaho 13) Om Shanti 14) Tara Mantra 15) Prelude 16) Choupan 17) Alap 18) Blue Sky 19) Dosa 20) Ashem Vohu 21) Om Gatey Gatey 22) Vajra Sattva 23) Indian Colours 24) Sacred Budha 25) Arrival in Lhasa 26) Om Mani Padme Hung, album "Sacred Buddha" 27) Dear Friend 28) Karmapa Jenno II, Two 29) Invocation 30) Dedication 31) Dashti 32) Tea Offering Prayers 33) Feeling of Love 34) Karmapa Jenno 35) Sacred Fire 36) Ave 37) Malu Semchen 38) Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels 39) neomin choying 40) Chak Chak 41) Ommanipadmehung 42) Asha 43) Cutting Through 44) Om A Hung Pensa Guru 45) Tsoklu 46) Persepolis 47) Ocean of Joy 48) Wings of Love 49) Mohabat 50) Blessing of the Ground

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