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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Soulji

Soulji is an electronic and house music producer, based in China, who is known for their heavy style of music. They are currently signed to Monstercat. They first debuted on Monstercat with their remix of Sweat by Karma Fields, which was released on the single's release along with Bixel Boys' remix of the song. On October 26th, 2017 Soulji released his first EP, the Black Mask EP. This 6 track EP features various elements such as soul, heavy bass, and dance. The title track, Black Mask, was released as on March 12, 2018.

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Electro House

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Soulji

1) Murder 2) Stress 3) Black Mask 4) One Night 5) E.L.F 6) You Shouldn't Be Here (Intro) 7) Say My Name 8) Shutter 9) Stress (feat. Tylor Maurer) 10) Sweat (Soulji Remix) 11) Stress (Mellen Gi Remix) 12) Murder (Original Mix) 13) Shell 14) Say My Name [Music Video] (Proximity Release) 15) Soulji - Murder 16) You Shouldn't Be Here 17) One Night (Original Mix) 18) Shutter (feat. Braev) 19) Murder (Fuck me Daddy) 20) Murder [Monstercat Release] 21) Stress (feat. Tylor Maurer) (Original Mix) 22) Soulji - You Shouldn't Be Here (Intro) 23) Black Mask [Monstercat Release] 24) Soulji - Stress (feat. Tylor Maurer) 25) Soulji - One Night 26) E.L.F (Original Mix) 27) Black Mask (Original Mix) 28) You Shouldn t Be Here (Intro) 29) Soulji - E.L.F 30) Double six 31) You Shouldn't Be Here (Intro) (Original Mix) 32) Stress (ft. Tylor Maurer) 33) Over It 34) Soulji - Black Mask 35) Say My Name (Proximity Release) 36) Murder ( Daddy) 37) Evicted 38) E.L.F. 39) Stress [Mashup by Monst3r] 40) Murder Fuck Me Daddy | Music Visualization �� �� �� 41) Risk 42) One Night - Soulji - Black Mask EP (Part 1) 43) Say My Name (AutoPlay) 44) Soulji - Stress 45) Black Mask [Monstercat Release] - Soulji - 46) ► Murder 47) What Would You Do? (Intro) 48) Stress ft. Tylor Maurer 49) UNREAD CHAPTER 50) Prodigy

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