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Spaced Out

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Spaced Out

There are several artists with this name: 1) Spaced Out is an instrumental progressive jazz/fusion band heiling from Canada that plays music on its own terms and rules. Their music is disciplined, but gives each musician the freedom to improvise and express himself freely. The group ignores pop music clichés and music industry standards; and highlights complex rhythm patterns, eclectic melodies and innovative arrangements. If they can be classified- they are called Prog fusion.

Artist Tags For Spaced Out

1) Progressive Rock 2) Fusion 3) Jazz Rock 4) Instrumental 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Spaced Out

1) Sugar Mama 2) Easy (No.2) 3) Suzanne 4) Need My Baby 5) Netti-Netti 6) Same Old Blues 7) Found A New Love 8) Somethin' Else 9) Train Time 10) Walking By Myself 11) Paying Double 12) If It Ain´t Me Baby 13) Me And My Baby 14) Ry Cooder 15) Street Reality 16) If It Ain't Me Baby 17) Something Said 18) River Woman 19) TBC 20) Spaced In 21) Event Horizon 22) Big Crunch 23) Bright Space 24) Blood Fall 25) E.M.O. 26) Blue Ron Pipe A.M. 27) Polymorph 28) Blue Ron Pipe P.M. 29) Singularity 30) Delirium Tremens 31) Green Teeth 32) Sever the Seven 33) Infinite Ammo 34) The Lost Train 35) Toxix 36) For the Trees Too 37) Trophallaxie 38) Magnetyzme 39) Futurosphere 40) A Freak Az 41) Sever the Seven - Revisited 42) The Fifth Dimension 43) Jamosphere 44) Pensestuax 45) The Alarm 46) Furax 47) Glassosphere 48) Art Attack pt1 49) Art Attack pt2 50) Glassosphere IV

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