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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Splender

Splender are an alternative rock band which formed in 1990 in New York City, New York, United States. They consisted of Waymon Boone (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Svec (guitar), James Cruz (bass) and Marc Slutsky (drums). The band released two albums and disbanded in 2004, but reunited in 2009 for a tour and planned new album. They are best known for their 1999 single "I Think God Can Explain". Splender released their first album, Halfway Down the Sky

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1) Rock 2) Alternative Rock 3) Alternative 4) 90s 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Splender

1) I Think God Can Explain 2) Monotone 3) I Don't Understand 4) Save It For Later 5) Yeah, Whatever 6) Space Boy 7) I Apologize 8) Special 9) Supernatural 10) Irresponsible 11) Spin 12) The Loneliest Person I Know 13) Cigarette 14) Wallflower 15) Yeah Whatever 16) London 17) Maybe Someday 18) But, Anyway 19) Happier This Way 20) Here I Am, There You Go 21) I Think God Can Explain - Radio Version 22) Yeah, Whatever - Album Version (see Performance Comments) 23) High 24) Wide Awake 25) No Big Deal 26) Good Evening 27) I Think God Can Explain (Radio Version) 28) Yeah Whatever ( acoustic ) 29) Yeah, Whatever (Album Version (see Performance Comments)) 30) Loneliest Person I Know 31) Sometimes Coffee 32) Yeah Whatever (acoustic) 33) Yeah, Whatever (See Performance Comments) 34) Yeah, Whatever (Album Version see Performance Comments) 35) Whatever Makes You Happy 36) I Think God Can Explain (Album Version) 37) Beautiful Day 38) I Think God Can Explain (acoustic) 39) Splender - I Think God Can Explain 40) Yeah, Whatever (Acoustic) 41) I Think God Can Explain [Radio Version] 42) Only God Can Explain 43) Yea, Whatever 44) I Don't Understand (Album Version) 45) God Can Explain 46) Whatever 47) Natalie 48) Space Boy (Album Version) 49) Supernatural (Album Version) 50) Special (Album Version)

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