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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sulpher

Sulpher are: Monti: Drums, Programming Rob Holliday: Guitars, Vocals Mud: Live Bass Monti and Rob used to play together in a band called Curve around 2000. That’s the start of it all. The musical interests and influences seemed to fit - so they came together as Sulpher. The first album, Spray, was launched on 2002. Since then Rob Holliday has gone on to perform and record with the likes of Gary Numan, Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy. Now they are working in the upcoming album "Delete".

Artist Tags For Sulpher

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial Metal 3) Industrial 4) Rock 5) Cyberpunk Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sulpher

1) Misery 2) You Ruined Everything 3) Scarred 4) Take a Long Hard Look 5) One Of Us 6) Fear Me 7) You Don't Mean That Much 8) Problem 9) Spray 10) Blasphemy 11) Fear Me (Alt. Needle Mix) 12) Unknown 13) Unknown - Live In Duesseldorf 14) No One Will Ever Know 15) Used 16) Follow You Down 17) Nothing 18) You Threw it all Away 19) Uknown 20) Didn't Ever 21) Gloat 22) Unknown (Live in Düsseldorf) 23) Fell Through 24) Feels Like the End 25) Tomorrow 26) Disintegrate 27) Alone (Content Discontent) 28) Spray (session) 29) ONE OF US (short) 30) Disintegrate (Exclusive Track) 31) Problem (session) 32) Unknown (session) 33) Alone (Content) / Alone (Discontent) 34) You Ruined Everything (session) 35) Fear Me (Needle Mix - Version) 36) Alone 37) Threw it all Away 38) You Don´t Mean That Much 39) One Of Us (long) 40) One of Us - Short Version 41) Losing Faith 42) Fear Me (demo) 43) EndureClip 44) No One Will Ever Know (Nowhere Instrumental Mix) 45) Misery (Single Edit) 46) Fear Me (Needle Mix) 47) Unknown - Live in Düsseldorf 48) Fear Me - Alt. Needle Mix 49) Problem (reprise) 50) You Ruined Everything (agressive version)

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