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Summer Salt

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Summer Salt

1. Summer Salt is a rock’n’roll duo of best pals. Based in Austin, TX, they recently released their debut album "Happy Camper", take a listen and chill by the pool. 2. Strawberry Runners, formerly known as Summer Salt, make sweet pop tunes in Denver, CO. They were originally from Bloomington, IN and changed their name after the move. Their lovely lo-fi songs will warm your heart with joy.

Artist Tags For Summer Salt

1) Seen Live 2) Bossa Nova 3) Oldies 4) Surf Rock 5) Austin

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Summer Salt

1) Candy Wrappers 2) Sweet To Me 3) Driving to Hawaii 4) Manastra 5) Revvin' My Cj7 6) Rockaway 7) Time Away From Home 8) Going Native 9) One Last Time 10) Tidal Waves 11) Heart and My Car 12) Give my Heart a Little Break 13) Speaking Sonar 14) Summer Salt 15) So Polite 16) Favorite Holiday 17) Oh Dear 18) Abominable Snowman 19) Prickly Pear 20) The Sun 21) Harvest Fair 22) My Lucky Egg 23) Rockin My Paw 24) Revvin' My CJ-7 25) Seventeen 26) Lovesick 27) Happy Camper 28) Fast Furious and Wonderful 29) Life Ain't the Same 30) Swinging for the Fences 31) Emi Completely 32) Heart Races 33) Learning So Much 34) A Love Song 35) For Nico 36) Tiptoe Dancers 37) I Saw You Coming 38) You Are Small 39) Brave, You Are Brave 40) Mosquito 41) Fall as a Feather 42) June Hotel 43) Purgatory 44) Leaving 45) Little Legs 46) Ants and Ankles 47) Become of Me 48) Rockin' My Paw 49) Dam 50) At the Playhouse

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