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Susanne Sundfør

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Susanne Sundfør

Susanne Sundfør is a Norwegian singer/songwriter and producer who has topped the charts in her homeland and won critical praise with her poignant mix of chamber folk, electronic pop, and icy dance music. Emerging in the mid-2000s with a sound that evoked a blend of Stina Nordenstam, Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, and Radiohead, Sundfør achieved significant regional success with the release of her eponymous, folk-inspired debut album in 2007. She pivoted to a denser electronic style in the 2010s

Artist Tags For Susanne Sundfør

1) Norwegian 2) Singer-Songwriter 3) Seen Live 4) Female Vocalists 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Susanne Sundfør

1) Fade Away 2) White Foxes 3) Delirious 4) The Brothel 5) Accelerate 6) Kamikaze 7) Darlings 8) Silencer 9) Slowly 10) Memorial 11) The Silicone Veil 12) Diamonds 13) Insects 14) Rome 15) Trust Me 16) Reincarnation 17) Can You Feel The Thunder 18) Among Us 19) Meditations in an Emergency 20) Undercover 21) Black Widow 22) When 23) Walls 24) Mantra 25) Lilith 26) Your Prelude 27) It's All Gone Tomorrow 28) Stop (Don't Push The Button) 29) Turkish Delight 30) Knight Of Noir 31) I Resign 32) Father Father 33) As I Walked Out One Evening 34) O Master 35) The Sound of War 36) Good Luck Bad Luck 37) Bedtime Story 38) Lullaby 39) No One Believes in Love Anymore 40) Music for People in Trouble 41) Mountaineers 42) Dear John 43) The Golden Age 44) The Waves 45) Gravity 46) Fade Away - Coucheron Remix 47) Moments 48) Torn To Pieces (On Roses) 49) The Dance 50) Day Of The Titans

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