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TV Girl

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For TV Girl

Hometown: San Diego. The lineup: Joel Williams (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals), Trung Ngo (acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, vocals), Brad Petering (vocals). TV Girl is the indie-pop project of Brad Petering and friends. In late 2010, TV Girl's Todd Rundgren sampling song "If You Want It" gained traction on the internet and became popular enough for Warner Music Group to take notice and take it down. They released a second EP, Benny and the Jetts, in 2011.

Artist Tags For TV Girl

1) Lo-Fi 2) Indie 3) Chillwave 4) Indie Pop 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For TV Girl

1) Birds Dont Sing 2) Lovers Rock 3) Pantyhose 4) Cigarettes out the Window 5) Hate Yourself 6) The Blonde 7) Anjela 8) Louise 9) Taking What's Not Yours 10) If You Want It 11) Song About Me 12) Daughter of a Cop 13) The Getaway 14) Heaven Is a Bedroom 15) Talk to Strangers 16) Her and Her Friend 17) I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now 18) On Land 19) She Smokes in Bed 20) Natalie Wood 21) Safeword 22) Girls Like Me 23) Come When You Call 24) Benny and the Jetts 25) Not Allowed 26) Melanie 27) Loving Machine 28) (Do The) Act Like You Never Met Me 29) baby you were there 30) My Girlfriend 31) Till You Tell Me to Leave 32) Laura 33) Lizzy Come Back to Life 34) For You 35) 7 Days Til Sunday 36) It's Not Something 37) Easier to Cry 38) Every Stupid Actress 39) Misery 40) Pretty Boy 41) I Don't Care 42) It Evaporates 43) Blue Hair 44) Lonely Girls 45) Your Own Religion 46) King of Echo Park 47) Legendary Lovers 48) Sarah (Meet Me In The Sauna) 49) Keep Me Distracted 50) Drift Down

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