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Tafo Brothers

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tafo Brothers

As leading exponents of Lahore’s vibrant self-contained film industry the Brothers Tafo gave Lollywood its first Rock Group in the form of its expanded Sexet commonly known as Tafo or Taffoo to Punjabi and Urdu listeners. Mostly instrumental in composition the sibling writing team emerged in 1970 providing incidental music and sonic variations for Lollywood love storys under the direction of Pakistans freakish equivalent of RD Burman, Mr. M.Ashraf

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1) Instrumental 2) Library Music 3) All 4) Pakistan 5) Pakistani

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tafo Brothers

1) Yeh Aaj Mujh Ko 2) Par Kahin Aankh Laraee 3) Oh My Love 4) Bijli Bhari Hai 5) Lakh Karo Inkar 6) Bura Honda Juwariyan Da 7) Tut Tooro Tooro Tara Tara 8) Dear I Love You 9) Bijli Bhari 10) Mera Mehboob Hai Tu 11) Dilon Man Laee 12) To Shamae-Mohabbat 13) Tere Siwa Duniya Mein 14) Tere Siwa Dunya Men 15) Munda Shahr Lahore Da 16) jeenay ki rah 17) Mere Hote Hue 18) Suniye To Main Ne 19) Zinda Rahen To Kya 20) Suno Suno Jo Tum 21) Tu Shama-E-Mohabbat 22) Too Tooroo Tooroo Tara Tara 23) Pyar Kabhi Karna 24) Apna Jeevan Sheeshe Ka 25) Yeh Duniya Rahe Ne Rahe 26) Mera Mehboob Hai 27) Pyar To Ek Din 28) Tujhe Pyar Karte Karte 29) Tere Sang Rehne Ki 30) Teri Khushi Se 31) Beimaan Chahoon Tujhe 32) Yeh Tera Nazuk Badan 33) Biji Bhari 34) Tarasta Hal Yeh Dil (Arzoo) 35) Mera Mehbob Hai 36) Sun We Bilori Akh 37) Bura Honda Juwariya Da 38) Munda Sher Lahore Da - Instrumental 39) 07 - mera mehbob hai [instrumental version by tafo bros] 40) Dilon Man Lai - Instrumental 41) Hona Ja Mere Dilruba - Instrumental 42) Sajna Vachore Tere - Instrumental 43) Bura Honda Juwariyan Da - Instrumental 44) Mera Pyar Na Dilon - Instrumental 45) Sun We Bilori Akh - Instrumental 46) mera mehbob hai [instrumental version by tafo bros] 47) Pehle Kadi Main Janda - Instrumental 48) Main Alhar Punjab Di - Instrumental 49) Jal Hi Gaya Hai - Instrumental 50) Mera Mehbob Hai (instrumental version)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Tafo Brothers

1) M. Ashraf At His Best Instrumental 2) Great Love Songs Of M. Ashraf (Instrumental) 3) Plugged in Pakistani Pops 4) There is Death in the Pot II 5) (null) 6) Library Subscription Discs - Vaious Artists Sampler 7) Plugged In Pakistani Pops LP 8) Disposable Music Library Subscription Discs 9) Tafo Brothers Greatest Hits 10) Uf Yeh Beevian [1977] OST 11) There is Death in the Pot 12) 13) Greatest Hits 14) Disposable Music Sampler Volume 1 15) Blackpropaganda is out on the rolling sea 16) Library Subscription Discs 17) Uf Yeh Beevian 18) Plugged-in Pakistani Pops 19) S.Sulemans Uf Yeh Beevian (1977) Vinyl 20) Plugged In Pakistani Pops 21) "Life Is Dance" Plugged-in Sounds Of Wonder at the Pakistani picture house. 22) Disposable Music 23) va - Pour Toujours (Tristes Humanistes #48) 24) Plugged in Pakistani Pop 25) cafe ZOOM compilation 26) cafe ZOOM compilation #203 27) cafe ZOOM compilation #204 28) Library Subscription Discs: Disposable Music Sampler 29) Disposable Music: Library Subscription Discs 30) Dekha Jaye Ga / Uf Yeh Bevian 31) M Ashraf At His Best Instrumental 32) Making Global Sound Local 33) Disposable Music Library Sampler Volume 1 34) More Early Pakistani Dance Music 35) Dekha Jaye Ga OST/Uf Yeh Beevian OST 36) Double Lollywood Soundtrack: Dekha Jaye Ga/Uf Yeh Bevian 37) Uf Yeh Bevian 38) cafe ZOOM compilation #206 39) Disposable Music (Finders Keepers) 40) Disposable Music Library Subscription Discs #1 41) Great Love Songs of M. Ashraf 42) Dekha Jaye Ga/Uf Yeh Beevian (Soundtracks) 43) Khuda aur Mohabbat 44) Plugged Pakistani Pop 45) Dekha Jaye Ga / Uf Yeh Beevian 46) Disposable Music Sampler 47) Library Subscription Discs - Finders Keepers Sampler 48) Nazar-E-Karam / Khuda Aur Mohabbat 49) This Ain't No Mouse Music! 50) Library Subscription Series: Plugged In Pakistani Pops

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