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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tamta

Tamta Goduadze (Greek: Τάμτα Γκοντουάτζε, Georgian: თამთა გოდუაძე), professionally known as Tamta, is a Greek pop singer who rose to fame in Greece and Cyprus after her participation in the talent show 'Super Idol' (the Greek version of 'Pop Idol') in which she placed second behind Σταύρος Κωνσταντίνου. Tamta was born and raised in Georgia, where she started singing at the age of five. She has a daughter, Annie, whom she gave birth to at the age of 14.

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1) Greek 2) Pop 3) Greek Pop 4) Female Vocalists 5) Georgian

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tamta

1) Replay 2) With Love 3) With Love (Soul Spirit Mix) 4) Efhes Apo T' Asteria (L' Astronauta) 5) Κοίτα με 6) Agapise Me 7) Unloved 8) Yala 9) Ftes (Faraway) 10) Έλα στο ρυθμό 11) Ilious Ke Thalasses 12) Sex With Your Ex 13) Don't Kiss Goodbye 14) Den Telioni Etsi I Agapi 15) Arhes Kalokeriou 16) Na Me Paris Makria 17) Tharros I Alithia 18) S' Agapo 19) Home Is Everywhere 20) Agapo (Wanna Play) 21) Fotia 22) Replay - Eurovision 2019 - Cyprus / Karaoke Version 23) Den telioei etsi i agapi 24) Kita Me 25) Replay (Eurovision 2019 - Cyprus) 26) My Zone 27) Protimo 28) Pare Me 29) Gennithika Gia Sena 30) Ftais 31) Mia Stigmi Esi Ki Ego 32) Ti Sou Fteo Ego Pou Toso S' Agapo 33) Replay - Acoustic Version By AlexSimonBass 34) Shake 35) Koita Me 36) Replay - Cyprus ���� - - Eurovision 2019 37) Girl Like Me 38) Hold On 39) Niose Ti Kardia 40) Ftais (Faraway) 41) Den Ime O,ti Nomizis 42) Mi Mou Zitas Na Xehaso (Je N' Oublie Rien) 43) Tag You In My Sky 44) More Than A Summer Love 45) To Kati Parapano 46) Μια στιγμή εσύ κι εγώ 47) Awake 48) Den S' Afino 49) Fige 50) Pame Parea (Rebelde)

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