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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Technotronic

Technotronic is a studio-based house music project from Belgium, formed by Jo Bogaert (a.k.a. Thomas De Quincey) in 1988. Together with Ya Kid K (born Manuela Kamosi, 1973, Zaire), he produced the hit single Pump Up The Jam which was originally intended as an instrumental. An image for the act was put together utilizing Zairian-born fashion model Felly (allegedly without her permission) as its album and single cover art and "singer" in the music video. Ya Kid K went on to provide vocals on several other Technotronic tracks.

Artist Tags For Technotronic

1) Dance 2) 80s 3) Eurodance 4) Electronic 5) Techno

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Technotronic

1) Pump Up the Jam 2) Pump Up the Jam - Edit 3) Move This 4) This Beat Is Technotronic 5) Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) 6) Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) 7) Move This (Shake That Body) 8) Get Up 9) Rockin' Over The Beat 10) Move It To The Rhythm 11) Tough 12) Take It Slow 13) Come On 14) Come Back 15) Raw 16) Wave 17) Move That Body 18) Pump Up The Jam 2005 (Radio Edit) 19) Megamix 20) Recall 21) Hey Yoh, Here We Go 22) Move This [1992] 23) Get Up (Before the Night Is Over) - Edit 24) This Beat Is Technotronic - Single Mix 25) Pump Up The Jam - Single Mix 26) Bluestring 27) Are You Ready 28) I Want You By My Side 29) Work 30) Get Up! 31) String 32) Voices 33) Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam 34) Can't Live Without You 35) PUMP UP THE JAM (RADIO EDIT) 36) Saving All Your Love 37) Pump Up the Jam (feat. Felly) 38) Rockin Over The Beat - Rockin' Over Manchester - 7" Remix 39) Nowhere To Run 40) Pump Up The Jam (Edit) 41) Pump it up 42) It's Just The Way It is 43) Money Makes the World Go Round 44) Spin That Wheel 45) Pump Up The Jam - edit (EmiCapitol) 46) NRG Flow (Instrumental) 47) Techno Medley 48) Pump Up The Jam (Original) 49) Turn It Up 50) 2 u x (instrumental)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Technotronic

1) Pump Up the Jam 2) Ultimate Club Dance 90s 3) Pump Up the Jam: The Album 4) Best Of 5) Recall 6) Grandmix: The 90's Edition (Mixed by Ben Liebrand) (disc 2) 7) (null) 8) Club Hitz of the 90's Vol. 1 9) Let's Go To Prison (Music From The Motion Picture) 10) Body to Body 11) The Greatest Hits 12) Floorfillers 90s Club Classics / Compilation 13) The Playlist – Pump Up The Jam 90s Dance 14) RTL Ultimative Chart Show 15) One Hit Wonders 16) Power Plays 17) Pump Up the Hits 18) Radio Disney: Kid Jams 19) Top 1000 Pop Hits of the 80's 20) Pump Up the Jam The Album 21) Fresh FM 90's Dance! 22) 80's Night Ultimate DJ Collection CD 14 S-T 23) Pump Up the Jam (Ralphi Rosari 24) Greatest Hits 25) La Tournée Des Années 90 26) Greatest Remix Hits 27) Best Of Technotronic 28) Let's Go To Prison 29) One Hit Wonders (International Version) 30) Simply the best of the 80´s 31) You Don’t Mess With the Zohan - Recopilation Soundtrack 32) Anthems 90s 33) Dos Decadas Dance 2-CD4 34) TRIP ON THIS-THE REMIXES 35) The Best Hits Of 90’s 36) Simply The Best Of The 80's 37) Clubland 90s 38) Billboard Top 100 of 1990 39) Het Beste Uit De Q Music Top 500 Van Het Foute Uur 40) Now That's What I Call Dance Classics 41) Het Beste Uit 5 Jaar Het Foute Uur 42) Jock Jams, Vol. 1 43) Murdock Presents Off The Radar 44) Печальная история одной пары 45) technotronic 46) Best of House Music: Disco Nights, Vol. 5 47) ESPN Presents: Jock Jams, Vol. 1 48) Top 100 Dance Collection 49) Winners Greatest Hits Vol.2 50) Get Up (Before the Night Is Over)

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