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Terry Zhong

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Terry Zhong

Terry Zhong, real name Tianli Zhong (钟天利), is a Chinese Tropical House/Trap DJ and Producer who is currently signed to Monstercat. Zhong was born in China, and went to USA to study as a high school student at 16. He learned to make basic electronic music when he was 13 and he graduated from Berklee College of Music. Together with YAKO and Dexter King, he is one of the first Chinese electronic producers/DJs that signed to Monstercat.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Terry Zhong

1) Play It Cool 2) Home Alright 3) Night Cap 4) Goodnight Stranger 5) City Love 6) Come Down 7) 8PM 8) Play It Cool (feat. Conro) 9) Home Alright (feat. Jack Newsome) 10) Night Cap (feat. Will Jay) 11) Goodnight Stranger (feat. 习谱予 Cheryl Xi) 12) Fly With Me 13) Play It Cool (ft. Conro) 14) Night Cap (ft. Will Jay) 15) City Love (feat. LIJIN) 16) Come Down (feat. Wyatt) 17) Burning Mars 18) We Are One (feat. Karin Lv) 19) Operation Dawnseeker 20) We Are One 21) Fly With Me (feat. EnjiA) 22) SJLT x 红色高跟鞋 (Terry Zhong Mashup)(Cover:蔡健雅) 23) Home Alright (ft. Jack Newsome) 24) Goodnight Stranger (ft. Cheryl Xi) 25) Operation Dawnseeker (Instrumental) 26) 七里香 vs. Lean On (Terry Zhong Tropical Remix) 27) 青花瓷 vs. Just The Way You Are (Terry Zhong Tropical Remix) 28) 你那么美 29) Let Me Love You (Terry Zhong Remix) 30) Home Alright (feat. Jack Newsome) [Monstercat] 31) Play It Cool (feat. Conro) - FrkMusic.Net 32) 8PM (Willim Remix) 33) 心打开 (Terry Zhong Remix) 34) Blazer 35) 8PM (FACEVÔID Remix) 36) 8PM (feat. EnjiA) 37) City Love (ft. LIJIN) 38) Home Alright (feat. Jack Newsome) [Monstercat Release] 39) Goodnight Stranger (con 习谱予 Cheryl Xi) 40) Goodnight Stranger (feat. Cheryl Xi) 41) City Love (part. LIJIN) 42) Terry Zhong - Home Alright (feat. Jack Newsome) 43) Home Alright (feat. Jack Newsome) 44) Home Alright (Lyrics) ft. Jack Newsome 45) 8PM (Feat. EnjiA) 46) Play It Cool (feat. Conro) [Monstercat Release] 47) We Are One [feat. Karin Lv] 48) We Are One (feat.Karin Lv) 49) Hah! 50) Take It Back (Original Mix)

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