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The Automatic

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Automatic

The Automatic were a rock band which formed in 2005 in Cowbridge, Wales, United Kingdom. The group is also known as The Automatic Automatic in the U.S. and Canada after the band were faced with legal action from another act under the name of Automatic, although a large majority of fans in those countries commonly refer to the band by their actual name. The three remaining original members James Frost, Robin Hawkins, and Iwan Griffiths are from Wales; new addition Paul Mullen (originally of Yourcodenameis:milo) is from Sunderland.

Artist Tags For The Automatic

1) Indie Rock 2) Indie 3) British 4) Seen Live 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Automatic

1) Monster 2) Raoul 3) Recover 4) That's What She Said 5) Steve McQueen 6) Lost At Home 7) Keep Your Eyes Peeled 8) On The Campaign Trail 9) By My Side 10) Team Drama 11) Rats 12) You Shout You Shout You Shout You Shout 13) Gold Digger 14) Magazines 15) Accessories 16) Responsible Citizen 17) You Shout You Shout You Shout 18) Seriously Guys I Hate You 19) This Ship 20) This Is A Fix 21) In The Mountains 22) Bad Guy 23) Secret Police 24) Light Entertainment 25) Sleepwalking 26) Make The Mistakes 27) Seriously...I Hate You Guys 28) Love In This Club 29) Interstate 30) Seriously... I Hate You Guys 31) Jack Daniels 32) Run And Hide 33) Insides 34) Epic 35) Cannot Be Saved 36) List 37) Sweat Heat Noise 38) Race To The Heart Of The Sun 39) High Time 40) Can I Take You Home 41) Something Else 42) Tear It Down 43) High Tide On Caroline Street 44) Night Drive 45) That’s What She Said 46) Song 6 47) Trophy Wives 48) Emily Rose 49) Easy Target 50) Love In This Club (originally by Usher)

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