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The Barefoot Man

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Barefoot Man

Born in the shadow of the Bavarian Alps, he loves palm trees, sandy beaches and tropical sun. He doesn't know an E flat from an A minor, but he's composed about 2,000 songs and recorded 500. Although he grew up in German schools and paid little attention as a teenager in U.S. English classes, he's written two books in English. He's to the Caribbean what Jimmy Buffet is to Key West, but everyone knows him only as "Barefoot." Barefoot is the biggest "B" to hit the island since Blackbeard.

Artist Tags For The Barefoot Man

1) Folk 2) Americana 3) Beach Music 4) Caribbean 5) Cayman Islands

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Barefoot Man

1) Jeff The Muff Diver 2) Big Panty Woman - Original Mix 3) Big Panty Woman - Radio Mix 4) That's A Moray 5) Big Panty Woman 6) Aqua Reggae 7) Rum On Me Tongue 8) Big Panty Woman (Radio Mix) 9) Blame It on the Rum 10) Tropical Beach Comber 11) Island in the Sun 12) Wouldn't It Be Nice 13) It's A Moray 14) Tropical Beachcomber 15) Divers Do It Deeper 16) Under The Coconut Tree 17) Son of a Beach 18) Viagra 19) Finger in the Hole 20) Rum and Coca-Cola 21) Jailbait 22) Stay Home 23) Shame and Scandal in the Family 24) Harbournate 25) Alimony 26) Wet Spot 27) Urban Diver 28) Steal Me Coconuts 29) Let's Do It Again 30) Dirty Old Man 31) Lets Do It All Again 32) Lord Of The Sea 33) She Loves My Deck 34) Hot Hot Hot 35) Big Panty Woman (Original Mix) 36) Introduction 37) Please Don't Think 38) The Lady Of The Sea 39) My Island Lady 40) Layin Low In Abaco 41) Crow Calypso 42) Barracuda 43) Big Bad Diver Don 44) Water 45) Island Jamboree 46) The Big Bamboo 47) Margarita Daze 48) Dirty Belly Button 49) Cayman Holiday 50) Mary Anne

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