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The Bats

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Bats

There are at least three artists called The Bats: The Bats are an influential New Zealand rock band formed in 1982 in Christchurch by Paul Kean (bass), Malcolm Grant (drums), Robert Scott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards) and Kaye Woodward (lead guitar, vocals). Though primarily a Christchurch band, The Bats have strong links to Dunedin and are usually grouped in with the Dunedin Sound musicians that emerged in the early 1980s. The band has retained the same four members from 1982 to the present day.

Artist Tags For The Bats

1) New Zealand 2) Indie Pop 3) Indie 4) Flying Nun 5) Kiwi

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Bats

1) North By North 2) Made Up In Blue 3) Block Of Wood 4) Treason 5) Round And Down 6) Sir Queen 7) Tragedy 8) Miss These Things 9) Take It 10) Had To Be You 11) Mad On You 12) Mid City Team 13) Some Peace Tonight 14) Calm Before The Storm 15) Daddy's Highway 16) Trouble In This Town 17) Candidate 18) Boogey Man 19) Mastery 20) Smoking Her Wings 21) Free All the Monsters 22) Claudine 23) Law of Things 24) Simpletons 25) Courage 26) The Black And The Blue 27) Other Side of You 28) Afternoon In Bed 29) Rooftops 30) Never Said Goodbye 31) Countersign 32) Crimson Enemy 33) No Trace 34) Time To Get Ready 35) Yawn Vibes 36) It's A Lie 37) I Go Wild 38) Bells 39) Dancing As The Boat Goes Down 40) Castle Lights 41) Ten To One 42) Neighbours 43) Western Isles 44) I Fall Away 45) We Do Not Kick 46) Antlers 47) Cliff Edge 48) Nine Days 49) Looking for Sunshine 50) See right through me

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