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The Brilliant Green

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Brilliant Green

the brilliant green, or buriguri for short, is a Japanese rock band. Tomoko Kawase (川瀬智子 Kawase Tomoko) is the vocalist; her husband Shunsaku Okuda (奥田俊作 Okuda Shunsaku) provides all the other instruments after former lead guitarist Ryo Matsui (松井亮 Matsui Ryo) left in early 2010. To his fellow band members and fans alike, Okuda is affectionately known as "Leader" as he composed the majority of the band's music before Matsui left, and all of the music afterwards.

Artist Tags For The Brilliant Green

1) Japanese 2) J-Rock 3) J-Pop 4) Female Vocalists 5) JPop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Brilliant Green

1) Ash Like Snow 2) Rainy Days Never Stays 3) Stand by me 4) 冷たい花 5) BYE! MY BOY! 6) そのスピードで 7) You & I 8) I'm In Heaven 9) 長いため息のように 10) Enemy 11) Always And Always 12) Baby London Star 13) Stand By 14) goodbye and good luck 15) Rock'n Roll 16) MAGIC PLACE 17) There will be love there -愛のある場所- 18) YEAH I WANT YOU BABY 19) Flowers 20) FUNNY GIRLFRIEND!! 21) September Rain 22) Call My Name (English version) 23) Holidays! 24) Round and Round 25) Tsumetai Hana 26) That boy waits for me 27) Day after day 28) I can hold your hand baby 29) escape 30) LOS ANGELES 31) Running so high 32) IT'S UP TO YOU! 33) The night has pleasant time 34) angel song -イヴの鐘- 35) Bye Bye Mr. Mug 36) CAN'T STOP CRYIN' 37) I'M SO SORRY BABY 38) 愛の♥愛の星 39) Rainy days never stays (album mix) 40) I'M SO SORRY BABY (album mix) 41) Hello Another Way -それぞれの場所- 42) Sono Speed De 43) 黒い翼 44) I'M JUS' LOVIN' YOU (album mix) 45) サヨナラ summer is over 46) ☆FALLING STAR IN YOUR EYES 47) Forever to me ~終わりなき悲しみ~ 48) "I" 49) THE LUCKY STAR 50) ヒドイ雨

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