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The Casualties

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Casualties

Wikipedia The Casualties are an American street punk band which was formed in New York City in 1990. It was formed by vocalist Jorge Herrera, Hank (guitar), Colin Wolf (vocals), Mark Yoshitomi (bass) and Yureesh Hooker (drums). Hank's last name of several is unknown. Jorge Herrera is the only remaining member of the originals. During the early years of the band, the members were very fluid. Early years The Casualties were formed in 1990, with original members Jorge Herrera (vocals) Hank (guitar)

Artist Tags For The Casualties

1) Punk 2) Street Punk 3) Hardcore Punk 4) Punk Rock 5) Oi

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Casualties

1) Punk Rock Love 2) Unknown Soldier 3) We Are All We Have 4) Ugly Bastards 5) Riot 6) Get Off My Back 7) For the Punx 8) Leaders of Today 9) Brainwashed 10) Criminal Class 11) Scarred for Life 12) On The Front Line 13) Casualties 14) Tomorrow Belongs to Us 15) Media Control 16) Police Brutality 17) Oi! Song 18) Two Faced 19) Nightmare 20) Made In N.Y.C. 21) Casualties Army 22) Under Attack 23) Death Toll 24) Destruction and Hate 25) City Life 26) Chaos Punx 27) Punx Unite 28) Die Hards 29) Sounds from the Streets 30) Victims 31) City Council 32) Fight For Your Life 33) In It For Life 34) Carry on the Flag 35) Tragedy 36) Mierda Mundial 37) Can't Stop Us 38) Political Sin 39) No Turning Back 40) Static Feedback and Noise 41) We Don't Need You 42) Divide and Conquer 43) Rise and Fall 44) Ruining It All 45) Social Outcast 46) On City Streets 47) This Is Your Life 48) System Failed Us Again 49) Apocalypse Today 50) Underground Army

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