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The Delta Saints

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Delta Saints

The Delta Saints is an American blues-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. They play an interesting mix of delta blues, rock, and soul with a solid groove-oriented rhythm section, furious harmonica lines, and a Dobro tone. The band is not quite what they say they are. Delta? Absolutely. But saints? One might call them “cautionary tales” long before the term “saints” ever came to mind; however, there is something devout about their bayou rock

Artist Tags For The Delta Saints

1) Blues 2) Swamp Blues 3) Slide Guitar 4) Nashville 5) Blues Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Delta Saints

1) Sometimes I worry 2) California 3) Death Letter Jubilee 4) Liar 5) Boogie 6) A Bird Called Angola 7) Chicago 8) Jezebel 9) Are You 10) Cigarette 11) Out To Sea 12) Sing To Me 13) Drink It Slow 14) From The Dirt 15) Steppin' 16) Good In White 17) Company of Thieves 18) Heavy Hammer 19) Swamp Groove 20) The Devil's Creek 21) Bones 22) Pray On 23) River 24) Old Man 25) Jericho 26) Butte La Rose 27) Momma 28) Callin' Me Home 29) Voodoo Walk 30) Zydeco 31) Dust 32) Train Song 33) My Love 34) Sun God 35) Into The Morning 36) Burning Wheels 37) 3,000 Miles 38) Berlin 39) Soft Spoken 40) Roses 41) Crows 42) I Feel Rain 43) Space Man 44) Young and Crazy 45) Two Days 46) In Your Head 47) Drink it Slow (Live) 48) Bird Called Angola (live) 49) Get Up 50) Pray on (Live)

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