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The Duke Spirit

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit are a 4 piece band based in London, UK. Their sound incorporates elements of blues-rock, post-punk and the early noise rock and grunge bands of the late 80s and early 90s such as The Pixies. The band was formed in London in 2003 by Liela Moss (vocals/tamborine/piano/harmonica), Luke Ford (guitar/organ), Toby Butler (bass) and Olly Betts (drums). Dan Higgins has since left the band, amicably. He has not been permanently replaced, instead the band have worked with various close friends on their '08 - '09 tours.

Artist Tags For The Duke Spirit

1) Indie Rock 2) Indie 3) Garage Rock 4) Seen Live 5) British

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Duke Spirit

1) The Step And The Walk 2) Cuts Across The Land 3) Love Is An Unfamiliar Name 4) Send A Little Love Token 5) You Really Wake Up The Love In Me 6) Lassoo 7) This Ship Was Built To Last 8) My Sunken Treasure 9) Dog Roses 10) Into The Fold 11) Red Weather 12) Hello To The Floor 13) Wooden Heart 14) Bottom Of The Sea 15) I Do Believe 16) Lovetones 17) Neptune's Call 18) Sovereign 19) Don't Wait 20) Darling, You're Mean 21) Win Your Love 22) Lion Rip 23) Surrender 24) Stubborn Stitches 25) Fades The Sun 26) You Were Born Inside My Heart 27) Dark Is Light Enough 28) Cherry Tree 29) Drinking You In 30) Procession 31) Everybody's Under Your Spell 32) Homecoming 33) A Wild Hope 34) Darling You're Mean 35) Bodies 36) So Good To Hear 37) Villain 38) Serenade 39) Creature 40) Northbound 41) Sweet Bitter Sweet 42) De Lux 43) Running Fire 44) Every Cell Can Tell 45) Blue and Yellow Light 46) Howling Self 47) Boot Hill (Demo) 48) Souvenir 49) Souvenir (Bonus Track) 50) Melt By The Morning

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