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The Exploited

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Exploited

The Exploited are a legendary Scottish punk rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1979. They were known for their DIY ethic and anarchist tendencies, crafting lyrics about chaos, anger and protest, and sometimes simply about having a good time. The band originated as a street punk/Oi! band but then in 1987 they began incorporating elements of crossover thrash. The band was also known for their appearance, primarily before the mid 1990s, which featured dyed spiked mohawks, black leather jackets, black or blue denim, black boots and studs.

Artist Tags For The Exploited

1) Punk 2) Hardcore Punk 3) Punk Rock 4) Street Punk 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Exploited

1) Sex and Violence 2) Punks Not Dead 3) Army Life 4) I Believe In Anarchy 5) Cop Cars 6) Dogs of War 7) Alternative 8) Beat the Bastards 9) Dead Cities 10) Exploited Barmy Army 11) Fuck the System 12) Punk's Not Dead 13) Mucky Pup 14) Blown to Bits 15) Troops of Tomorrow 16) Daily News 17) Dole Q 18) Free Flight 19) Fucking Liar 20) Chaos Is My Life 21) Royalty 22) Jimmy Boyle 23) Never Sell Out 24) Was It Me 25) Ripper 26) Out of Control 27) Holiday in the Sun 28) Son of a Copper 29) Sid Vicious Was Innocent 30) S.P.G. 31) You're a Fucking Bastard 32) UK 82 33) Lie to Me 34) Noize Annoys 35) Disorder 36) I Never Changed 37) Law for the Rich 38) Affected by Them 39) Don't Blame Me 40) There Is No Point 41) Why Are You Doing This to Me 42) U.S.A. 43) Violent Society 44) Rival Leaders 45) They Lie 46) What You Gonna Do 47) I Hate You 48) Attack 49) Sex & Violence 50) War

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The Exploited