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The Kiffness

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Kiffness

Dave Scott, Mike Scott and Mvelo Shandu are the trio that bring electronic music to a whole new level with their band, The Kiffness. They’ll have you headbanging, doing the running man and even attempting some African pantsula with their mixture of vibey and upbeat “choons”. With Dave playing trumpet, keys and synth, Mvelo on bass and Mike laying down the beats on his electronic drumkit, these three young men are bringing a new meaning to the word Kiff.

Artist Tags For The Kiffness

1) Electronica 2) Dub 3) South African 4) Electro Jazz 5) Electro Swing

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Kiffness

1) Find A Way 2) Raba Do Ba Day 3) Pushin' On 4) Kiff 5) Afrika 6) Hadeda 7) Too Blessed To Be Stressed 8) You Say You Love Me 9) Lose You 10) Where are You Going? 11) Camps Bay 12) Where are You Going? - Radio Edit 13) Rise Up 14) Game of Love 15) Away From Here 16) TV Games 17) African Drum 18) Lazrkat 19) Where Are You Going? - Extended Mix 20) Dream 21) Rainbows & Butterflies 22) Calling 23) I Wanna Be With You 24) Soul Safari 25) Find a Way (feat. Shortstraw) 26) Retro Love 27) Rice is Nice 28) You Say You Love Me (feat. Tawanna Shaunte) 29) Hope 30) Señorita 31) Desire 32) Mr. Incredible 33) The Work Song 34) Yhu (feat. Moonchild) 35) Love Go Cold 36) Sugarman 37) Chicken Step 38) Galaxy 39) Supernova 40) Find A Way ft. Shortstraw 41) Yhu 42) 127 Boets Per Minute 43) The Broccoli Song 44) Pragtig Meisie 45) White Privilege 46) Shakere 47) Voetsek 48) Kifftronic 49) I'm out of my mind 50) Beautiful Reality by To Our Divine (The Kiffness Remix)

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